• MittenOnKitten


    July 9, 2018 by MittenOnKitten

    SCP-041 is a small feline (Felis Catus) with light gray fur, being the main color, and white fur in various areas of the body. 

    On some occasions, SCP-041 morphs into only her head, and her legs.

    In spite of not having an entire torso, SCP-041 seems to have no health problems at all, and can even meow normally. Although, Dr. H████ has reported they do not show signs of breathing. 

    After SCP-041 has decided to swap appearance, they morph back into their regular looking feline form. 

    Testing has shown she is indeed female.



    • Kitn roams freely where she desires in the facility, although restricted to anywhere but SCP's rooms outside the class "Safe".
    • Kitn is based on my username, MittenOnKitten.
    • Kitn is also based on my cat, Lala/Swee…

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  • ADMAndrew

    The end?

    June 17, 2018 by ADMAndrew

    I have seen many things. Things that I love and hate. Freedom is one of them, when people are given freedom to edit pages one thinks that they will edit things for the better, in part it is true. But there are people with too much hate in their hearts and they want to see the world burn.

    If they have conscience. Show it, do not do anarchy in a facility that has been abandoned. Fondly. For this wiki, I love and I hope someone will read it...

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  • Rustkit and dewkit

    This hole is huge. Very deep. They have almost dug completely bot the other end and created a tunnel that they can go in and out of. I'm impressed

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  • ROBLOXNoob246


    March 7, 2018 by ROBLOXNoob246

    SCP-999 (full name:The Tickle Monster), is a safe SCP that's known for its adorable appearance.

    SCP-999 has a major interest into people that are unhappy or hurt in anyway. People that have depression, after interacting with SCP-999, are totally healed from their problem, also they get a very positive picture about life.

    Because SCP-999 is a very playful being, it appears that SCP-999 loves all animals (but especially humans). SCP-999 doesn't eat meat at all, and it even risks its own life for others. It was confirmed that SCP-999 indeed would leap in front of a person to take a bullet inside of it. The creature eats candy and sweets.

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  • Scotty Rash


    November 25, 2017 by Scotty Rash

    Item #: SCP-106-J

    Object Class: Keter

    Height: Unkown

    Weight: Around 197 lbs or [DATA EXPUNGED].

    Nickname: The Milk Man

    Special Containment Procedures: SCP-106-J is to be kept in a milk factory, and be fed with 1000 lbs of cheese with a side of 145 milk bottles. If one does not feed SCP-106-J and not give him enough milk, he will proceed to damage them and bring them to what is called a "milk dimension". SCP-106-J will then proceed to toy with the victim, covering them in milk as a major distraction. Should SCP-106-J catch up to them later on, he will begin to grab them, then [REDACTED] them and strangle them. Victims that have been affected by this is shown to be thrown out of the milk dimension and be covered in acidic milk that melts and deca…

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  • Rustkit and dewkit

    I think that if we have a bunch of guards in a circle surrounding scp 173 on all sides with some people next to him.

    We could make them cover scp 173 in the same substances he's assumed to be made of until he is a round ball.

    It should get rid of his arms and legs and maybe it could also test if he breaths.

    And this is why I've requested a testing session.


    Incident report


    Scp 173 breached containment after a twelve hour test session involving 20 personnel. The test had transformed scp 173 into a completely round ball. Following the test 12 guard and 1 researcher were killed by scp 173 after the lights flickered suddenly. Cause of death was different then before.

    Death was caused by impact with scp 173 rolling into them a…

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  • Nin10doGMod

    Hey everyone (and Undertale fans)! Ever wanted to have an Undertale mod on SCP game? Then, the time had finally come!

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present you... "SCPtale"! An Undertale AU where the Class-D named Frisk must escape through the entire SCP monsters, objects and hazards alive!

    Here's a basic plot for their backstory: Humans never fully trusted the monsters, and the war they brought out was less of a war and more of a roundup. The humans managed to capture every monster and contain them within the SCP Foundation for testing.

    So guys, do you wanna play the mod? Then, download here!:

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  • Freelancer Washington


    February 12, 2016 by Freelancer Washington

    hello my name is freelancer washington i hope we are freinds byes ^^

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  • Yossipossi

    Here is my SCP. Please leave a comment on THIS page, as my SCP is in the sandbox currently!

    Thank you!

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  • Baylen117

    game 1.2 update

    September 12, 2015 by Baylen117

    looks like SCP:CB v.1.2 is out, and we need to add the new SCPs. just be be sure i'll link to whoever is reading this to the new updates for SCP:CB.

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  • Nehpys


    September 5, 2015 by Nehpys


    This is the old wiki.

    A lot of stupid shit went on.



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  • Yossipossi

    Just askin

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  • Yossipossi


    No Spam

    No H8 m8

    No OP

    You CAN die.

    SCPs can kill you, depending on The SCP.

    People may not terminate others, unless given permission.

    If you want to be a SCP from SCP-CB, Properly introduce it (IE Do "*Plays Bump in the night" if you are 106

    Also, If the SCP speaks, make it sound like it (IE 079: HUMAN. YOU NEED MY HELP. AND I NEED YOUR HELP.)

    Proper Grammer plz.

    If comunicating out of game, do ((  )) around your message

    If you die, make a new character. Or you can spectate

    Please no OC or Characters from other games/websites.

    You can be an Object SCP, but it might get a little (A LOT) Boring After awhile.

    Breaking the rules will go like this

    WARNING Then

    DEATH Then


    You must have a well developed knowledge of the Foundation. You can't jus…

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  • Yossipossi

    Yo! Dr. Eli!

    What is it Dr. Yos?

    I thought that maybe, just maybe, We can do some crossover testing.

    And How would be do that?

    I just permission from Dr. Bright!

    No Way! Lets do It!

    Okay. I'm closing my eyes. Where is 096?

    To the left Yos.

    Okay. No, he's not there.

    A little forward and up... about to close my eyes

    Hey! 096!

    • 096 has mask on
    • Crash is heard as well as gunfire


    • Door is broken open, 096 is gone

    Shoot. That's gonna get us in serous trouble.

    Umm... WE WEREN'T HERE!!

    • both run to 049's chamber

    I brought the jade ring on the way.

    Cool. Let me put it on Eli.

    Say, wanna give 049 a big nice huuuug?

    Whatever. I'm going to bed...

    No you're not!

    • Throws Yos into 049's chamber


    Hmm? Yes?

    Give Yos The Cure.

    Alright. Do not be afraid. I am the cure.

    • 049 is tou…

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  • Markimoo23

    SCP 07734

    March 25, 2015 by Markimoo23

    ==Description==life magazine

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  • Megan DeWolfe

    Ask him anything you want!

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  • A FANDOM user

    this is just a question for my fellow steam users that play containment breach. I was checking to see if it was on steam and was so disappointed when I saw it was not  even on greenlight. I know I would greenlight it if it was and as soon as it got on steam I would be one of the first to download it so yeah just curious.

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  • Purseit

    939 Bug?

    August 8, 2014 by Purseit

    I seem to have found a bug... basically the bug is that 939 is stuck in the floor like in the picture. I'm not sure how it happened but they are not moving.

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  • Pokebub22

    I'm not saying its confirmed or anything, but do you guys think that SCP-087-B and Containment Breach happen in the same "game universe"?

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  • Cybeast50


    June 21, 2014 by Cybeast50

    Hey all I know scp-387 is somewhat lame but if anyone know of a mod being made where u can mess around with it and construct like a little Lego village that evolves over time let me know

    Here's info on it if u haven't read about it , don't know if link is needed but will add:

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  • Bed head zed


    May 7, 2014 by Bed head zed

    so i was playing some scp containment breach and i found scp-008 but for some reason the door to its containment area was opened i entered the containment area and the door shut behind me i tried opening it but the message you press the button but nothing happens pops up i am now stuck in its containment area and i do not want to use console commands please help!!!

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  • Superarmandbros

    SCP X

    March 20, 2014 by Superarmandbros

    SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: SCP X is to be kept at site [REDACTED], which has been built solely for its containment. SCP X's cell is situated 5 km underground, with 55, twenty-metre thick doors spaced by 60 metres of tunnel resistant to nuclear blasts.

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  • Lullaby98

    i played it for a long time.but i still don't know when scp 173 will come out to attack me and the place where 173 attack me /surprised me.

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  • SCP-106 Hater

    SCP Mod Challenge!

    February 1, 2014 by SCP-106 Hater

    Dear Reads/Modders of SCP CB,

    I have a challenge for all of you out there.My challenge is this create a mod that includes SCP CB with Box of horrors.But!Put in 017,006 and 002.If you are the Creator of the box of horrors i'm just saying your mod is good but I say that it might need more adjustments and more SCPs but when done you may try others adjustments to your mod.

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  • Theshawnotron

    Ideas for the future.

    January 29, 2014 by Theshawnotron

    These are nothing serious, just some ideas for new stuff that could be added into SCP-containment breach in the future. Please do not take these ideas seriously, these are just simple fan-made ideas.

    SCP-339. "Be silent, be still." The player could find this in it's containment cell just scratching the walls with it's tentacles. If the player moves to quickly near it or goes close to it, SCP-339 would extend it's tentacles and start grabbing and tearing the player. If they were a good distance from SCP-339, there could be a chance of them escaping, but will receive heavy bleeding.

    SCP-409. "Contagious crystal." When in the heavy containment zone, the player could find SCP-409 in it's containment cell, with the shattered remains of it's recen…

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  • Insanity's Wolf

    Concerning This Wikia

    December 17, 2013 by Insanity's Wolf

    Look, guys, this wikia has MOVED. IT'S GONE. IT'S AT GAMEPEDIA.

    Understand? if you want to make this into a fan site, that's fine. But it's rediculous that you guys have let this wikia fall to pieces with two new useless pages and a bunch of random edits. You want to help? You guys should probably start from scratch and start this "fan site" that wikia staff think so much of. Otherwise, there's no point in trying to ix it up.

    Also, the last admins and Bureaucrats are still in their position, so don't bother with anything too serious.

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  • XrayLazer123


    November 30, 2013 by XrayLazer123

    Is going on with the pages?!!?

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  • D-7650

    Wow...just wow

    October 20, 2013 by D-7650

    So at the other copy kitty wiki Fire knows that I wrote a blog saying do not copy our I got to the wiki today and the blog was deleted my email "User rights change for D-7650" .I though they didn't allow me to chat or something but they made me a moderator.And I think I know why.They deleted the blog because they don't want to be told that wiki is shit and made me mod so i'd like the wiki.

    I don't forgive that easily...

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  • D-7650

    So I've noticed that there's a bunch of SCP-087-B photos on this wiki and I was wondering if it was updated or something?Or is it just a new addition to the SCP wiki

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  • Hankster112

    Most of you may have noticed my inactivity lately on this wiki and my mod. To tell you the truth, I've lost interest in the mod, mostly because having no time with school and all that. So, no more updates. UNLESS!

    If some famous youtuber plays my mod (Markiplier, Yamimash, etc.), THEN I will continue updating it. So if you care about this mod that much, AND can get in contact with a youtuber, more updates.

    As for my inactivity on this wiki, school again is interfering with my free time. Don't hate me, I still love SCP. In fact, I may actually donate to Regalis upon the official release of the game. But for the time being, no more SCP: Meme Breach v2.0 updates and don't expect to see me that much on the wiki.

    Peace, hankster112

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  • Maria Carlos

    A troll has been caught

    September 30, 2013 by Maria Carlos
    • Access given to MeltingPotOFriendship 
    • 8:38MeltingPotOFriendshipHello Members Of The SCP Wiki
    • I Am Recruiting For My MPOF Gangf
    • 8:39D-7650....Test subject willing to comply
    • 8:39MeltingPotOFriendshipAnyone Interested Will Report To Me
    • Okay, Good
    • 8:39Dr. LarryOH
    • MY
    • GOD
    • 8:39MeltingPotOFriendshipIt's An Anti-Wiki Gang That Is Currently Targeting 4 Wikis
    • 8:39Dr. LarryITS RG
    • 8:39MeltingPotOFriendship?
    • What Are You Talking About?
    • 8:40D-7650....what
    • 8:40Maria CarlosMelting Pot.
    • 8:40Dr. LarryRadio Grafiti
    • 8:40MeltingPotOFriendshipYES
    • Ghost
    • 8:40Maria CarlosYou Don't Talk Like This. You talk like this.
    • 8:40Dr. LarryRight, Ghost
    • 8:40D-7650yeah never mind....*walks to MTF* back to the cell for me
    • 8:40MeltingPotOFriendshipYou Are The First To Notice That, Good Work Soldier
    • A…
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  • ZhukohaGreen

    Human's fear

    September 24, 2013 by ZhukohaGreen

    The fear is one you what you think, like you've been scared, you will rethink it often until you forget it, that's one fear. But the fear that people fear most is the time.

    The time goes forever, it can't be stopped nor stop by it's limited time. Same as the clocks, they spin forever and won't stop (only if the batteries are empty or aren't on).

    But it ticks forever, it ticks to your dead. It tick over your limit time of your life. It spin until your dead, why is it human's fear?

    Death is most fear we've even know. it's scary to die. Time can only go to infinity, Until you die. But it won't spin if you're dead. It goes forever, the ticking makes you rot away. losing your life in 1 seconds, or 2 seconds. 4 seconds then something bad happens, 8…

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  • Observer of chat rooms

    So you guys may see me as a mysterious figure, so I'll tell/show you a little about myself.

    My punting skills

    My amazing hands.


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  • Observer of chat rooms

    Link to the actual session: RP 1

    1. You can swear in this RP; same with Sexual References.
    2. If you are adding something sexual, then above it put [NSFW] when you post it.
    3. I, Observer, have the right to end the RP board. BUt I'll let you all know when I do so.
    4. Finally, the RP can be about the following: SCP's, Joke SCPs, and any of the Doctors in the foundation.
    5. P.S. Put your signature and a line below your post when you're done.
    6. P.S.S. Put your character Apps in the comment section before introducing them to the RP. You can have a max of three characters.
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  • Fireworks888


    September 15, 2013 by Fireworks888

    The COCs (pronounced cocks) is a world known PMC, formed, operated, and controlled by Lieutenant Vasquez. It is one of the world's most powerful PMCs, striking fear into the hearts of coffee lovers.

    A few years back, Ltn's fancy decorative plants that he spent weeks on growing were killed by an armed mugger, a mug of coffee. From that day forward, Ltn fought all crimes involving coffee. But, as few may know, coffee isn't exactly the world's most intimidating criminals. Bored with the low crime rate, Ltn made a large factory that produced gallons and gallons of  java with evil genes and crime related tendencies. Ltn was happy, beating the shit out of coffee with his sidekick Cridone, but he was overwhelmed. The factory exploded, littering the e…

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  • Maria Carlos
    • 8:57Aerossmithmanfree
    • 8:57Insanity's WolfAero, calm your titties.
    • 8:57Fireworks888Ltn, stop fuckin' changin' ur shut
    • 8:57Aerossmithmani have no titties
    • 8:57Insanity's WolfBya, this is the calm before the storm.
    • 8:57AerossmithmanOOH
    • KILL EM
    • 8:57Insanity's WolfAt least an image of it.
    • Aero...
    • Chat hacks initialized.
    • To report errors or bugs, or to suggest features or translations, leave a message at w:c:User talk:Monchoman45.
    • 8:58AerossmithmanU SEEN TERIO?
    • 8:58Insanity's Wolf?
    • 8:58Byakuya600aero
    • 8:58Ermacpunk15don't come at me sideways unless you're zombie
    • 8:58Byakuya600shut the fuck up
    • srsly
    • 8:58Aerossmithmanshut up bya
    • 8:58Byakuya600make me nigga
    • im waitin
    • 8:58Koldoom42zombie's death
    • 8:58Insanity's WolfSHIT
    • 8:58Aerossmithmani'll fu…
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  • Z-Bites

    Birthday time!

    September 4, 2013 by Z-Bites

    I am the happy, for it is my birthday! *summons SCP-465 and SCP-559 *

    Squeedle Deedle Dee!

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  • Fireworks888

    Tis Z's birthday

    September 4, 2013 by Fireworks888

    HEEEEYY, GAIZ, IT'S Z'S BIRTHDAI! REMEMA 2 SPANK TEH SHIT OUTTA HIM! I would post his avatar here like I did to Slayer, but knowing Z and his mental disease of the urge to change avis everyday, this shit will be out dated quickly. So just go.....fackin'.........spank the Firefly/Tiger/Guy guy.......Eeeeh, screw it.






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  • Phantasmagorian

    Ghost Butt

    Item #: SCP-002-J

    Object Class: Euclid

    Special Containment Procedures: [Paragraphs explaining the procedures]

    Description: SCP-002-J is a parasitic anomaly that infects phantasmic, sapient entities. It is a large, incorporeal mass resembling a human rear that infects the entity's posterior. SCP-002-J will latch onto the posterior and grow. After a period of 4 months it will reach its maximum size and "fart", releasing ectoplasmic spores. These spores infect the posteriors of other phantasmic entities, continuing SCP-002-J's life cycle. SCP-002-J is highly irritating to phantasmic entities, however no cure has been found for SCP-002-J infection aside from its eventual "fart" and "death". Each instance of SCP-002-J is sapient and capa…

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  • Z-Bites

    SCP-012 rewrite

    September 2, 2013 by Z-Bites

    Item #: SCP-012

    Object Class: Safe

    Special Containment Procedures: SCP-012 is to be kept in a 0.4 meter containment unit at a Light Containment Zone. Inspecting or handling SCP-012 are to wear via infrared goggles. Subjects affected by SCP-012 are to be taken to be relocated to the designated Observation Wing, see File-O-012-354354.

    Description: SCP-012 is a handwritten musical score estimated to have been created during the late 1800's, entitled "On Mount Golgatha". Four (4) of the lines on SCP-012 (ten (10) in total) have been written on in human blood from multiple subjects.

    When a human subject makes direct eye contact with SCP-012, they will instantaneously feel compelled to acquire it. Multiple affected subjects will fight each other to acq…

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  • Observer of chat rooms

    Item #: SCP-533633-J 

    Object Class: Totally Safe KETAR

    Special Containment Procedures: 533633-J is to be kept at The Neverland Ranch and is to be supplied with twenty pounds of cheese cubes given to as he wishes, bitches.

    Description: SCP-533633-J is a hot, sexy beast large humanoid with smexy regular facial features. Whenever 533633-J comes near any female D-Class personnel, he stares at them for five seconds and right afterwards, they come.

    If he's near any Male D-Class, then they will get the compulsion to grab their testicles and yell "Shamone!" to anyone near by.

    Addendum: Under no circumstances, is SCP-533633-J is to come into contact with SCP-888 at anytimes. The night of one thousand raped minds must never happen again.

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  • Maria Carlos


    August 27, 2013 by Maria Carlos

    Item #: SCP-096-J

    Object Class: Euclid

    Special Containment Procedures: SCP-096-J is to be kept in a McDonalds restaurant and to be fed 500 Bic Macs a day. If one does not feed SCP-096-J, it will attack them and nom on them until they die.

    Description: SCP-096-J is an extremely fat, and is from a McDonalds restaurant, where it nommed on everyone and took their cheeseburgers to nom on. SCP-096-J's face is very pudgy, and represents Buddha from Chinese Myth. When someone sees its face, it becomes enraged and shoots Big Macs from its [REDACTED] and instantly kills anyone who is in the way.

    If one is in a cheeseburger costume, then SCP-096-J will fall in love with that person, and eat him/her. Once SCP-096-J is finished with the "noming" process, t…

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  • ZhukohaGreen


    August 27, 2013 by ZhukohaGreen

    In the class, I was waiting for my friend to come. We had a deal to go to a forest. A forest that no one has come back. But that's was just a rhyme. I had my pen and wrote some words. He took too long. So I went outside, maybe he was killed? So I went outside of the school. No one was there. All I heard was whisper from wind, leaf from trees and paper fly around the gate. I felt someone was watching me, like paranoia. I looked around the school. It was a lot of leaf around places, leaving the trees. I walked few steps. I was scared. I tried to talk but I was too scared. I walked to the trash can. Moved it, it was a book under it. I picked it up and read it. All it said "want to be my friend?" All pages. The last page said "YOU'VE BEEN WATC…

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  • Dr.Mark
    • 10:27Dr.MarkK, back.
    • 10:27Fireworks888is it almost done?
    • 10:27Dr.MarkHe said that there was problem with porting the wiki.
    • 10:27Z-BitesUh-oh.
    • 10:28DaRadicalLarry
    • Darth Vader mode activate*
    • 10:28Z-BitesHeh.
    • 10:28Fireworks888Is it a project ending problem or just a 'it may be a little delayed' problem?
    • 10:29DaRadicalLarryIf it end we could always rebuild it from scrath
    • 10:29Dr.MarkIt seems that there was certain information on the wiki that violated the CCO act.
    • 10:29Fireworks888I think it would just be easier if we stay here
    • 10:29Z-BitesDid they list any examples?
    • 10:29DaRadicalLarryJesus christ not another act bullshit
    • 10:30Z-BitesWell, it looks like I'm keepin' my Z-Bites account!
    • 10:30Dr.MarkThey listed a few ex…
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  • Fireworks888

    The Chat

    August 23, 2013 by Fireworks888

    You wake up from your peaceful slumber, wide and awake. ]]

    Even though your mom had to get you up with a water splash or a shake.

    You go to school, get on the bus, and write a few essays

    You do all of these tasks once almost everyday.

    You come home from a school day, tired and sleepy

    As you throw down your book filled backpack quite so weakly.

    You stumble to the couch, as tired as ever

    Thinking that the time of your relaxation will, two, t-NEVER

    You have a nap on the  couch, shutting your eyes to go to sleep

    Not making a snore, a reflex, not even one single peep

    A few hours later, you open your eyes

    To spot your computer, the place that once made you cry

    Not because of porn or the insults or the blue waffles, none of that

    But for the mental a…

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  • ZhukohaGreen


    August 19, 2013 by ZhukohaGreen

    (this blog isn't done yet or may not be updated later...)

    Soulless. The gender is a girl, but we don't know yet why. She has two eyes, red and big smile of blood. On of her hand has a giant claw. She wears a dress, pink and red. She lives sometimes inside of a house and wait to someone goes in there. Her eyes can be seen from distance.  She "brutal" the dead body to just find your soul, even it doesn't exist. She still try get your soul. She always open your chest then cut it few times, then cut your hearth. She hides the dead body down the basement and hang them. Inside of the house there two big room. One makes food and one with a lot of blood. In kitchen there's many knives and blood around. Upstairs there three room, one with bathroom, …

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  • DarkDead

    SCP-049 The Origin

    August 11, 2013 by DarkDead

    "God has given me this power to help people"

    1327 - University of Florence

    "I am about to discuss the disease called 'sacred.' It is not, in my opinion, any more divine or more sacred than other diseases, but has a natural cause, and its supposed divine origin is two to men's inexperience and to Their wonder at its peculiar character. "



    > Said Elia, glaring at the boy.

    John looked down, and began to crawl his foot moving clouds of dust, clearly annoyed.


    Tears began to appear on his face.



    John burst into tears.


    On the face of Elia dropped a hint of sadness.



    The boy walked away from the university, leaving Elia, alone in his sadness.


    > said Elia.

    > Said the boy holding back tears.


    "I can't get older and my body tends to join with objects with…

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  • Observer of chat rooms

    Step right up boys and girls! The TWI Database is open to all with gaming in mind!

    You can even create your own OCs from there! Be it a dead space character, Assassin's creed character, or whatever fits for you with the expanding list of universes to choose from.

    So what are you waiting for? Go to it now!

    TWI Database Wiki

    (Note: If you've already seen it, and are already a member, disregard this post. Or better yet, show it to your mom friends.)

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  • Phantasmagorian

    Chat Snippets

    August 4, 2013 by Phantasmagorian

    Apparently, these aren't allowed on message walls because they take up too much space. So, I decided that I would make a blog that could archive things that happen on chat. If you have something that you think is worthy of being on here, copy-paste it, then PM it to me on chat and I'll put it up.

    Welcome! Please read the Chat Guidelines before using the chat.

    Villeggiante Options

    Baton Guy






    Zabidenu Private Messages


    Observer of chat rooms


    Z-Bites AFK

    4:59 Villeggiante

    • Villeggiante Sleeper sleeper sleeper.

    4:59 Dr.Mark Pineapples.

    4:59 Fireworks888 Slepepeweorfsaagswhesjdrk AlswijhaS eweper

    5:00 Villeggiante Pineapples are good, but if I eat too many, it cuts my tongue.

    5:00 Dr.Mark IKR?


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  • D-7650

    Subject D-7650

    August 4, 2013 by D-7650

    Subject:D-7650 AKA Jackson


    The subject has not been located inside Site-19 guards are searching at Site-[REDACTED].

    If found tell Dr.Quist and escort back to his cell.

    (In other words i'll be gone for a bit)

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