The Console in the game can be opened with the F3 key, which can be found on the top left of your keyboard. If you're on a laptop, you can access it via holding the function(Fn) key and pressing F3.

Cheating Types Edit

  • A number
  • floating to work
  • A string – only works sometimes and sometimes not works
  • True or false – putting as 1 or 0, currently as strings

If the cheat is not checked, it may not work when you enter it.

Word Box Edit

Cheats Types Description
096state None Shows SCP-096's position the true or false at the time and if it is in game.
106speed Speed:float Places SCP-106's movement speed to 'Speed'
106state damn it Shows SCP-106's position the true or false at the time and if it is in game.
173speed Speed:float Places SCP-173's movement speed to 'Speed'
173state None Shows SCP-173's position the true or false at the time and if it is in game.
asd None Puts everything in lines, makes it so you cannot die, and makes it so you can float and go through walls. Also makes it kind of bright so you can at least see.
brightness Brightness:integer Places how bright it is on 'Brightness'. Larger brightness can make you see everything.
camerafog CameraFogNear:float, CameraFogFar:float Places where the fog will be. The fog begins at 'CameraFogNear' close but away from you and is not seen at 'CameraFogFar' close but away from the camera.
camerapick None Shows the texture name and where you are looking at on the texture.
debughud Switch:string Will show text about you and everyone else.
disable106 None Makes SCP-106 vanish and stop going after you.
disable173 None Makes SCP-173 vanish and stop going after you.
enable106 None Makes SCP-106 appear in the map and go after you.
enable173 None Makes SCP-173 appear in the map and go after you.
ending Ending:string Will show you the default ending, but you can put in what ending you want to see for it to show that ending you put in.
Main article: Ending Types
godmode Switch:string Godmode makes it so you cannot die, but SCP-106 from can still take you to his place, and you can die from bloodloss.
halloween None Makes SCP-173's have a pumpkin jack-o-lantern head.
heal None Takes away injuries and blood loss from you. Does not include a SCP-008 sickness.
infect Infect:float Makes you get SCP-008 sickness, if you have this you will see red at the edges of your vision.
injure Injure:float Can change how hurt you are.
noclip Switch:string Can make you float and go through walls.
noclipspeed Speed:float Can make you fast or slow when you are noclipping.
reset096 None Makes SCP-096 vanish. Makes the "lockroom2" situation happen again.
sanic None Displays the message "GOTTA GO FAST!", increases the speed of you, causes the camera to shake, and triggers death after a short period of time unless godmode is on.
spawn NPC:string Spawns a new instance of 'NPC' 0.2 units above you.
Main article: NPC Types
spawnitem Item:string Spawns a new 'Item' at your's coordinates. Values for 'Item' are identical to the name they display in the inventory. If 'Item' is equal to "Eyedrops", will spawn the 'Fine' eyedrops. There is currently no way to spawn the 'VeryFine' eyedrops with this command.
status None Shows you, camera, and room story.
teleport Room:string Place you at the first of the room place if it is in the map.
Main article: Room Types
None Plays music called Mandeville.ogg in the game, it can be found inside the game music folder. While you hear the music, a big number of SCP-420-Js pop up in a circle around you. These have a rather large chance of being a Joint instead of SCP-420-J, so you could die.
wireframe Switch:string

NPC Types Edit

NPC Name NPC Place
035 SCP-035
106 SCP-106
173 SCP-173
049 SCP-049
zombie SCP-049-2
096 SCP-096
MTF A Mobile Task Forces

Ending Types Edit

Ending Name Ending Place
a1 Gate A ending where the good gunmen might take you or the bad gunmen might take you
b1 Gate B ending if the bombs explode if you do not switch them off.
b2 Gate B ending if you get killed by gun.

Room Types Edit

These Are The good + useful Rooms

Room2nuke - The Alpha And Omega Warheads.

Room079 - SCP-079's Chamber

gateaentrance - The elevator to gate a.

exit1 - Gate B

914 - The Clockworks SCP

room2ccont - Electrical Center

Room4 - Four Way Hallway

Room3 Three way hallway

Room2 Two way hallway

checkpoint1 - The room between Heavy and Light

checkpoint2 - The room between Heavy and entrance

008 - The room of SCP-008

173 - SCP-173's Chamber

start - The start of this game.

Pocketdimension - Pocket Dimension

room106 - SCP-106's Chamber

room2servers - scp 096 and a guard.

room2sl - LCZ electrical room

roompj - scp 372's chamber

Go To The files And (Map Creator) For More Rooms.

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