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The in-game console can be opened with the F3 key. Laptops with a Fn key may have to use the Fn + F3 keystroke. Commands may be entered into the console in the format <command> <parameters> followed by the return or enter key, where multiple parameters are separated by a space.

Parameter TypesEdit

  • integer: A whole number, no decimals or fractions.
  • float: An integer supporting fractions as decimals.
  • string: A string of letters or numbers. Quotation marks must be omitted when entering strings in the console for them to be recognized.
  • boolean: True or false, written as 1 or 0. Currently parsed as strings.

Note that the command is not checked, so it may cause errors when used.

Command TableEdit

Command Parameters Description
096state None Prints SCP-096's position, idle Boolean, and state if it has spawned.
106speed Speed:float Sets SCP-106's movement speed to 'Speed'
106state None Prints SCP-106's position, idle Boolean, and state.
173speed Speed:float Sets SCP-173's movement speed to 'Speed'
173state None Prints SCP-173's position, idle Boolean, and state.
asd None General purpose debug command. Sets wireframe, godmode, and noclip to on. Sets camerafog to 15 20.
brightness Brightness:integer Sets brightness level to 'Brightness'. Increased brightness increases visibility of entities, objects, and decals. This does not affect map meshes.
camerafog CameraFogNear:float, CameraFogFar:float Sets the draw distance of the fog. The fog begins at 'CameraFogNear' units away from the camera and becomes completely opaque at 'CameraFogFar' units away from the camera.
camerapick None Prints the texture name and coordinates of the model the camera is pointing at.
debughud Switch:string If 'Switch' is equal to "on", "1", or "true", turns the debughud on. If 'Switch' is equal to "off", "0", or "false", turns the debughud off. The debughud displays status information about the player, SCP-173, SCP-106, SCP-096 if spawned, the current room event, and all currently spawned MTF units.
disable106 None Disables SCP-106. Also counts as re-containing it.
disable173 None Disables SCP-173.
enable106 None Enables SCP-106.
enable173 None Enables SCP-173.
ending Ending:string Immediately brings up the specified ending screen with the appropriate dialogue. If no ending is specified, a default ending screen will appear.
Main article: Ending Types
godmode Switch:string If 'Switch' is equal to "on", "1", or "true", turns godmode on. If 'Switch' is equal to "off", "0", or "false", turns godmode off. Godmode prevents the player from dying, however, it will not prevent SCP-106 from catching the player.
halloween None Replaces SCP-173's default texture with a jack-o-lantern-like texture.
heal None Removes all injuries and blood loss from the player. Does not have an effect on a SCP-008 based infection.
infect Infect:float Sets the SCP-008 based infection on the player to 'Infect' (Has valid range of 0 - 91, anything outside of this has a high chance of causing a MAV[1]).
injure Injure:float Sets the player's injury level to 'Injure' (Has valid range of 1 - 5.) Higher injury levels induce blood loss and slower movement.
noclip Switch:string If 'Switch' is equal to "on", "1", or "true", turns noclip on. If 'Switch' is equal to "off", "0", or "false", turns noclip off. Noclip allows the player to fly through the game without any form of collision. It also disable gravity, meaning the player will not simply fall through the map. Note that you can still activate some scripts with your movement. ( Like making MTF units spawn, when you get close to Gate B)
noclipspeed Speed:float Sets the movement speed multiplier of the player during noclip to 'Speed'
reset096 None Removes the current instance of SCP-096 if it exists. Re-Creates the "lockroom2" event. This command will often cause a MAV[1] due to lockroom2's now miniscule spawn rate.
sanic None Displays the message "GOTTA GO FAST!", increases the speed of the player, causes the camera to shake, and triggers death after a short period of time unless godmode is on.
spawn NPC:string Spawns a new instance of 'NPC' 0.2 units above the player.
Main article: NPC Types
spawnitem Item:string Spawns a new 'Item' at the player's coordinates. Values for 'Item' are identical to the name they display in the inventory. If 'Item' is equal to "Eyedrops", will spawn the 'Fine' eyedrops. There is currently no way to spawn the 'VeryFine' eyedrops with this command.
status None Prints player, camera, and room information.
teleport Room:string Positions the player at the first instance of 'Room's coordinates if it was generated in the current seed.
Main article: Room Types
None Plays Mandeville.ogg and spawns 20 SCP-420-J instances in a circle around the player. These instances have a 50% chance of being a Joint, rather than SCP-420-J.
wireframe Switch:string If 'Switch' is equal to "on", "1", or "true", turns wireframe on. If 'Switch' is equal to "off", "0", or "false", turns wireframe off. Wireframe allows only the edges of models to be rendered.

NPC TypesEdit

NPC Parameter NPC Value
035 SCP-035
106 SCP-106
173 SCP-173
049 SCP-049
zombie SCP-049-2
096 SCP-096
MTF One Nine-Tailed Fox soldier

Ending TypesEdit

Ending Parameter Ending Value
a1 Gate A ending
b1 Gate B ending after warhead explodes.
b2 Gate B ending if killed by a MTF unit.

Room TypesEdit

Room Parameter Room Value
start SCP-173's Containment Chamber after the breach.
008 SCP-008's Containment Chamber
room012 SCP-012's Containment Chamber


SCP-035's Containment Chamber
room049 Hallway outside SCP-049's Containment Chamber
room079 SCP-079's Containment Chamber
lockroom2 SCP-096's Lockroom
room106 SCP-106's Containment Chamber
room178 SCP-178's Containment Chamber
roompj SCP-372's Containment Chamber
room513 SCP-513's Containment Chamber
room2scps SCP-714, SCP-860 and SCP-1025's Containment Chambers
room860 The room containing the door that leads to SCP-860-1 (SCP-860 is required)
SCP-895's Containment Chamber
SCP-914's Containment Chamber
room2test1074 SCP-1074's Containment Chamber
room1123 SCP-1123's Containment Chamber
room1archive1074 A large storage room containing the document with containment instructions of SCP-1074
room3storage The elevator leading to the storage room with SCP-939
room2closets First Room
lockroom Lockroom
room2doors T-Shaped Lockroom
room2testroom2 Small Testing Room
room2 Two Way Hallway
room2_2 Two Way Hallway with a Large Fan
room2c Corner Hallway
room3 T-Shaped Hallway
room3_2 Variant of the T-Shaped Hallway
room4 Four Ways Room
room2z3 Entrance Zone Variation of the Two Way Hallway
room2cz3 Entrance Zone Variation of the Corner Hallway
room3z3 Entrance Zone Variation of the T-Shaped Hallway
room4z3 Entrance Zone Variation of the Four Ways Room
endroom Endroom
endroom2 Heavy Containment Zone Variant of the Endroom
tunnel Two Way Metal Corridor
tunnel2 Two Way Metal Corridor with SCP-173 Spawn
room2ctunnel Corner Variant of the Metal Corridor
room3tunnel T-Shaped Variant of the Metal Corridor
room4tunnels Four Ways Variant of the Metal Corridor
room2pipes Grated Hallway
room2pit Gas Catwalk
room3pit Three Ways Gas Catwalk
testroom Large Testing Chamber
room2servers Small Server Room
room2tunnel Hallway outside Maintenance Tunnels
room2nuke Hallway outside Warhead Room
room2offices Basic Office
room2offices2 2-Level Office
room2offices3 Large Office
room2sroom Head Office
room2poffices Doctors Quarters
room2poffices2 Conference Quarters
room2cafeteria Cafeteria
room2ccont Electrical Center
room3servers Server Rooms
room3servers2 Variant of the Server Rooms
room2tesla Tesla Coil Hallway
room2toilets Toilets
gateaenterance Entrance to Gate A
gatea Gate A
exit1 Gate B


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