SCP Blackout Mod is a mod where 173 breaks containment and you escape throughout the darkness, However, D-9342 is stuck inside the facility and 079 needs to open the gate.


SCP-079 is a computer, however, survived inside the darkness, However, the player may go to the electrical room and go to the chamber, SCP-079 will talk to the player, saying it will let the player escape.


SCP-096 is a humanoid creature in the blackout mod, SCP-096 can be found in the Light Containment Zone. however, the player can hear SCP-096's cries. The monitor will show that SCP-096 is in a sad state, the player can escape in the lockroom between the doors, if not looking at his face, If looking at his face, it will be in a raged state.


SCP-173 was the cause behind the breach, However, in v0.8, it can travel inside the electrical room, If not careful, the players neck can snap by blinking, In the mod, it has white eyes, and different textures.


SCP-106 is the cause behind the breach, mentioned in SCP-106's protocal log.


The Doctor or mentioned "Death Doctor" is the only SCP that can talk.


SCP-035 is mentioned as the mask, A scientist has it on his face, If the player activates it, the monster will attempt to threat the player, However, if the player does not kill the host, it will let it out through either Gate A or Gate B, saying that 079 is in control of the facility.