WARNING: The following may contain spoilers about the game.
New Gate A (2)

"SCP-106 has broken out of the facility at Gate A. Fire the H.I.D. Turret immediately. Do not let it across the bridge."

Gate A is the main, or as fans prefer to say, "good" exit in the game, the other one being Gate B. It contains 2 of the 5 endings to the game.


Gate A consists of a large room with a roof window, a concrete bridge with a road under it, and a few guard towers.

There is a staircase to the left of the bridge, which leads to the road below and the hallway where one of the endings is.


  • Upon entering Gate A there will be MTFs on the other side of the bridge. If you have not contained SCP-106, it will appear, proceeding to advance across the bridge. Surprisingly, SCP-106 will not attack the player, instead walking towards the MTF units. Once he is on the bridge, the firing of the H.I.D turret will be announced by Security Chief Franklin. The turret will power up and shoot, causing SCP-106 to retreat to the Pocket Dimension.

After SCP-106's defeat, the MTF will try to shoot down the player, so it is wise to retreat and get to the ending while they are firing at 106. When you are about to get to the exit down the bridge in the dark tunnel, you are cut off and abducted by several unknown soldiers (who have been speculated to work for the Chaos Insurgency), thus ending the game.

The Ending audio will show that a MTF unit will later comes though that tunnel, but it collapsed in some "anomalous event", trapping them inside.

If you have contained SCP-106, the MTF soldiers will cross the bridge and capture you, triggering the other ending.

The Ending audio of this ending will show that a scientist that is watching D-9341 mentions his amazing ability to predict and overcome hazardous threats in the breach. The scientist will end the audio, considering that they will test D-9341 further to see if they could classify him as a SCP.


  • Due to the fact that a confirmed MTF unit comes through the tunnel after D-9341 is captured in the first ending, it is heavily speculated that the three soldiers who captured you at the end of the tunnel was indeed members of the Chaos Insurgency.
  • The ending audio, with the following lines: "Subject demonstrates extraordinary luck and complete mastery of even the most fatal of circumstances and an uncanny ability to predict even the most unpredictable of hazards, almost as if it has performed these impossible tasks several times before." is a reference to the fact that D-9341 is controlled by a gamer in real life, thus having the ability to "restart", "as if they have performed these impossible tests before".