This is a list of noticeable SCP games in order of when it came out.


SCP-087, created by haversine on January 28, 2012, is one of the first SCP games. It is a stair simulator and is based on SCP-087, which the stairs are. It currently hasn't been updated since about a year and 5 months. Haversine uploaded a youtube video about the game.



трроThe 11 minute video

SCP - Containment BreachEdit

Main article: SCP - Containment Breach

SCP - Containment Breach, created by Regalis and his group of developers and released on April 5, 2012. The includes many of the SCP objects from the SCP Foundation site with the main antagonist being SCP-173. SCP-CB is currently still being updated. The most recent update, as of April 2017, is v1.3.7.

The Lost Signal: SCPEdit

The Lost Signal SCP01:32

The Lost Signal SCP

The Lost Signal: SCP, an Android game created by Wing13 Games and released in December 2016. The game contains several SCP objects including SCP-1499, SCP-1497, SCP-1767, etc. The game is constantly updated and new objects are added to the app.


Six-Eight-Two is a game created by Divinity Studios on June 2, 2013. The is based on MTF soldiers attempting to contain SCP-682. The game is currently in its Pre-Alpha build version 0.6. It hasn't been updated since July 18, 2013.


Main article: SCP-087-B

SCP-087-B is an unofficial sequel to SCP-087 and is similiar to it, but with different stair structures. The game was created by Regalis on January 8, 2014. The game includes some enemies that attack the player if the player is not look at them. This game is considered a stepping stone to SCP - Containment Breach.

Nine Tailed Fox Mod Edit

WARNING: This isn't a "game" But it still counts because its one of the most favorited.

The Nine Tailed Fox mod is a Mod that lets the player to be an NTF, the game contains several other SCPs:

SCP-457, Burning SCP-096, etc.

This mod is still a Work-in-progress, but the rest are still the same to the main game.

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