Along with Nine-Tailed Fox, the main MTF of the game, there are other MTF you can encounter, such as Cloud Nine, or Gamma 5 or Omega 7 or the Mailmen.

WARNING: May contain spoilers about the game.

Cloud Nine Edit

Cloud Nine is a Mobile Task Force squad that shows up at Gate B. If the player deactivates the alpha warheads in the warhead room, a telecom will orders all MTF units to go back and deal with SCP-682, two MTF soldiers, presumably members of Cloud Nine, will come through the door in the control room; and another one in the pathway of Gate B. They will see you, a Class D, and then walk towards and open fire on you, due to the fact that all Class D are active threats. Spoilers end here A document of the MTF units can be found here: [1]

SCP Containment Breach "GATE B ENDING 2!!!!!!"04:11

SCP Containment Breach "GATE B ENDING 2!!!!!!"

This video represents the Cloud Nine Mobile Task Force squad.

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