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The Pocket Dimension is a surreal realm where SCP-106 has complete control and takes its victims to. It is a bizarre, green-lit, labyrinthine place.


The Pocket Dimension can only be accessed by SCP-106, along with any prey it takes. Its laws and reality are unlike our own. SCP-106 will seemingly "toy" with its victims for an extended period of time before [REDACTED] to them. Here, SCP-106 seems to express full control of the realm's time, perception, and laws.


The player can arrive in the Pocket Dimension if SCP-106 catches them, or they could get teleported there as side effect of the Strange Bottle. Once in the dimension, SCP-106 will begin to hunt the player. The dimension is designed with aged mossy stone.

The player cannot sprint in this dimension, making escaping SCP-106 difficult. The player slowly deteriorates in the Pocket Dimension, and will start to bleed until either he escapes or dies. The starting room is a hub for many hallways, where the player can find a note that has the access code to Dr. Maynard's office. This password is randomized each save. Throughout the Pocket Dimension, the player can find messages on the floor left by SCP-106, most of which are directed towards the player.

While trying to find a way out of the dimension, the player will likely find other rooms of the dimension. These include a long stone path with giant flying rocks which can knock the player off and kill them, a "throne room" where a pair of red eyes peer down at the player from his "throne" (staying in the room will accelerate bleeding caused by being in the Pocket Dimension), a pillar where the player must slowly descend down and return to the starting room, and a room filled with coffins that make awful coughing, gurgling, and other gut-retching noises. The player should be especially wary of the pillar room as SCP-106 can teleport along the pillars there and reach the player if they do not get to the starting room fast enough. Once close enough to SCP-106's "throne", the player's screen will be forced to look up at SCP-106.


First IntersectionEdit


The first intersection.

If the player is taken by SCP-106 to the Pocket Dimension, they will usually start off in an intersection of hallways with a number of ways to proceed. If the player looks carefully, they can find the burnt note in one of the hallways.


New bridge

Bridge over the abyss.

When the player walks through these hallways long enough, they will be transported to another section of the pocket dimension, usually an area with large columns. The player starts off on this pillar and has to descend via small outcroppings that they drop down onto. Time can be of the essence, as every time the player blinks, SCP-106 will teleport to the next pillar and come closer to the player. The player will need to find the well that will transport them back to the hallways in order to escape SCP-106.

Stone PathEdit

Bandicam 2013-09-20 16-57-06-021

A full view of the path. Note the large tablet on the far left.

Should the player survive the pillars and make it across the very narrow walkway and down into the hole, they might be transported to a smaller, four way intersection. Two of these hallways leads to a narrow walkway with a large stone tablet flying across. The player has to time their pacing perfectly to avoid being demolished by the stones. This can be very difficult because the player cannot sprint, so it is likely that the passing stones will hit the player and kill them.

Throne RoomEdit

One of the paths in the four-way intersection is SCP-106's "Throne Room" where upon entering the player will see 106 perched atop a large throne-like column. The player will only see 106's eyes and will be drawn to the sight, as the camera tugs in that direction. Staying in this room for too long will cause bleeding.

Trick RoomEdit

Bandicam 2013-09-20 16-56-16-835

An outer view of the trick room. Note the intersection right below it.

While roaming in the Pocket Dimension, the player will appear in a cylindrical hallway, just like normally teleporting out of the Pocket Dimension. However, when you open a door there is a black void, and the player can walk out of the hallway, and fall back into the Pocket Dimension.

Room of CoffinsEdit

Other areas include what is assumed to be SCP-106's "prison" where the player can see a number of large box-like objects perched along the wall. An awful wheezing, coughing and faint whispering can be heard in the room, though no source seems to be visible.


  • Contrary to popular belief, the in-game Pocket Dimension is not a literal Pocket Dimension, but rather a structure generated in the same area as the rest of the map, albeit far away. This can be exploited with Map Creator by filling every available tile and then running the game, which will cause the Pocket Dimension to intervene with some hallways or tunnels.
  • Sometimes when the player blinks in the Pocket Dimension, there is a chance that SCP-106's face will flash on the screen briefly and a laugh will be heard.
  • Since v0.7.3, standing in the Pocket Dimension will slowly deteriorate the player's health, eventually leading to bleeding and death. The deterioration rate is sextupled while the player is in the throne room.
  • While on the pillars, if the player looks closely at the sky, they may see a large white figure (hg) in the background.
  • If the player has not escaped after a certain amount of time, SCP-106 emerges from the ground in the intersection room, next to the player.
  • When crossing a hallway in the first room, SCP-106 may cross the hallway through the wall, eventually walking on the ceiling.
  • It should be noted that after the player escapes the dimension, he/she will start to limp until they use something to fix the wound.
    • Unlike being shot by the MTF soldiers, the player will not bleed out.


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