Object Class Safe
Animate? No
Harmful? Yes
SCP Link SCP-1025
Containment Chamber

SCP-1025, or the "Encyclopedia of Diseases", is an SCP object that can be obtained in SCP - Containment Breach.


SCP-1025 is a hardcover book, approximately 1,500 pages long. The front cover and spine feature the title "The Encyclopedia of Common Diseases, by Coltan Press". No other copies of a book with that title and publisher have been found, and no record of the publisher exists.




A demonstration of SCP-1025 as of v0.7.

SCP-1025 can be found adjacent to SCP-714's room. The player must have a card of at least level 3 or higher in order to enter its room. If the player decides to read SCP-1025, a random page will be selected and the player will receive any of the following:
  • Appendicitis: Displays the messages "The pain in your stomach is getting unbearable" after a prolonged period of time; will significantly lower the rate of stamina regeneration after this happens.
  • Asthma: Coughing at intervals proportional to the player's remaining stamina; lowers the player's speed proportional to the player's remaining stamina.
  • Cardiac Arrest: Increased heart beat frequency, eventually leading to death.
  • Chickenpox: The message "Your skin is feeling itchy" is displayed at random intervals.
  • Common Cold: Coughing at random intervals; significantly lower the rate of stamina regeneration.
  • Lung Cancer: Coughing at random intervals and completely stops stamina regeneration, preventing the player from running.

There are a number of ways to negate SCP-1025's effects; an upgraded gas mask can negate the effects of lung cancer and the common cold, but not cure them. SCP-500 is capable of curing all symptoms. If the player is wearing SCP-714, then they won't develop any of the symptoms. However, applying the ring after reading the encyclopedia will neither prevent the effects from happening nor cure them.


  • The author of SCP-1025 is left unknown on the Foundation site, but is named Coltan Press in the game. This may be due to the fact that the Encyclopedia of Common Diseases is a real book written by a staff member of the Prevention Magazine, Coltan Press.
  • The Common Cold page has a stain on it. This may have been added to imply that previous readers have sneezed on it, like a natural side-effect of having the common cold.
  • The information on SCP-1025's pages are direct excerpts from Wikipedia.
  • The original documentation of SCP-1025 indirectly states that the book does not actually afflict diseases; instead, it's a book that makes people paranoid of others around them, thinking they are infected with diseases most virulent and pestile. Hence, the effects of SCP-1025 are ironically a factual atrocity.
  • As of v.0.9, SCP-1025 is now across the hall from SCP-714, with its own antechamber,  rather than connected by the same antechamber.
  • It is unknown why SCP-1025 has a page about Cardiac Arrest (heart attack) because heart attacks are not a disease, but rather an organ failure.
  • SCP-173 occasionally spawns inside of SCP-1025's room. This is rather curious because there are no vents leading into the room in which SCP-1025 resides.
  • SCP-1025 was originally labelled as Keter in the actual SCP document on the wiki, however was changed to Safe for unknown reasons.


Readable pages of SCP-1025