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Object Class Keter
Animate? No
Harmful? Yes
SCP Link SCP-1048-A
Containment Chamber

SCP-1048-A is a hostile offshoot of SCP-1048.

Description Edit

SCP-1048-A is similar in appearance to SCP-1048, in that they are both teddy bears with a black bow tie. The main difference however is that SCP-1048-A is comprised almost entirely out of human ears, with a wide hole near the head region sufficing as a mouth.

When a person is nearby, it will emit a high-pitched shriek, that causes intense pain in the eyes and ears of everyone in a 10-meter radius. Directly after that, ear-like growths start to grow on everyone in a 5-meter radius of the subject, covering their bodies in less than 20 seconds. After the victims have been covered in ear-like growths, they will die from asphyxiation within 3 minutes due to these growths also manifesting in their mouths.

In-game Edit

SCP-1048-A can sometimes be encountered in the two-way hallway. If the player comes into contact with it, it will begin screeching, causing the player's vision to shake and ear-like growths to form all over their body. If the player remains close to SCP-1048-A for too long after these growths begin forming, they will suffocate and result in a game over screen.

It is advised that the player should avoid rooms which SCP-1048-A is roaming in and seek an alternate route. If faced without any other option, the player should keep their distance from SCP-1048-A and quickly make their way to another room. A good way to keep one's distance is by hugging and moving along the walls of the room.

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