SCP-4172 "The Kentucky Anomally
Object Class
Animate? Inanimate
Harmful? Visual threat
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Containment Chamber

Field report on SCP-4172Edit

The Kentucky Anomaly is a perfectly preserved dismbodied hand. It was discovered in an abandoned Kentucky farmhouse next to the words "Springwood, Jun 6, 1897" carved into the wood. The exact meaning of this scrawling isn't aparrent as nothing particularly noteworthy happened at this ranch during that year. We are open to the idea that there are gaps in the history but as far as we can tell it's a dead end in terms of further research.  The Object doesn't posess the capability to move or react to any external stimuli.

Worryingly any attempt to study it's anatomy internally is thwarted when the would be surgeon lays their naked eyes on it. In this event the sufferer gets an uncontrollable urge to itch the back of their neck. This might appear to be of no consequence but to our current knowledge there is no way to alleviate the compulsion. 

First we tried to bring in other surgeons, but they got the itch too. After the Third case of the compulsion we switched our focus to the study of its effect on humans. In order to keep it contained, the three surgeons have been quarantined.

Reports from their ward are startling to say the least. Two of them are dead, having resorted to extreme measures to remove the itch. The exact details of each patient are detailed below:

Patient Zero- Severed a vein using nothing but the sharp splinters of a plastic spoon. Worryingly this happened over multiple "sessions" while the ward staff were distracted by other duties or changing shifts. We have since ensured a staff member is always present with the other patients.

Patient 001-Patient 001 was being drip-fed to remove any possibility of severing a vein or stabbing at the itch. This didn't stop the patient from trying to force the drip from her arm and into her neck. Thankfully this attempt was easily thwarted by the orderlies we've asssigned to the ward. After two weeks, during which the patient was strapped down to the bed; something unusual happened. The patient stopped wanting to scratch at all.

After two weeks she was deemed free of the compulsion but visibly traumatised by the experience. When we reintroduced the patient to the outside world she was no more than a minute out of quarantine when she suddenly flung herself over a top floor railing and died shortly after.

Patient 003-The surviving patient is contained in a ward where no sharp objects of any kind are permitted down to the individual furniture pieces. The poor soul's been drip fed for a month but we can't risk cutlery after patient zero.

Unlike no 2 he still has the compulsion. It's taken a heavy toll on his mental state. When he speaks it is loud, coarse and makes little sense. We are still desperately trying to combat both the compulsion and his psychosis but all of our methods seem ineffective.

Preventative Measures

Curiously, the agent who found the object has not suffered any ill effects. After all our research on the anomaly the only preventative is discustingly simple. The initial contact, Adam O'Connor is blind. It seems that only those without visual impairments are vulnerable to the object's power unless they wear glasses while looking at it.

Only medically prescribed glasses will do the job, meaning that there is no truly safe way for the able sighted to look at it.

In-game SCP-4172 functions in game like a timer. Should a player not wearing specially prescribed glasses/visor look at the object, the player will hear an itching noise that grows increasingly louder as their time runs out. Since the manufacture of these glasses has been modified to not hurt the in game characters vision they are scarce and only three pairs are available from the science lab. Scientist game models wearing glasses are immune to SCP-4172.

As SCP-4172 is a visual threat and little else it can only be destroyed by vaporising it utterly using Chaos unit rifles.