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This is SCP-4522

Item #:SCP-4522 Object Class: Euclid Item Card: Level 2

Special Containment Procedures:Edit

SCP-4522 is a Slimey Void that was contained in Site _____.


SCP-4522 can sometimes be harmful or harmless. Sometimes its Quote is "Get Out". Its in the Light Containment Zone. SCP-4522 will have the helper SCP-4522-1 or sometimes SCP-4522-A.SCP-4522 will spawn SCP-4522-1 or SCP-4522-A when slaped 5 times. SCP-4522 was also acid slime

SCP Chat. 14 days ago.

Dr. F____ : Hello 4522Edit

SCP-4522-1: Hello

Dr: Im Dr._____. I want to ask you some questions.

Dr: Are you an Entity?

(No Word for 1 second)

SCP-4522-1: Die

Moble Task Force 1: Dr. Please run now