Object Class Euclid
Animate? No
Harmful? No
SCP Link SCP-513
Containment Chamber

SCP-513, referred to as "A Cowbell", is an SCP object encountered in SCP - Containment Breach.


SCP-513 is an unremarkable, rusty cowbell. No marks or engravings are visible on its surface due to the large amount of corrosion. Attempts to remove the rust chemically or mechanically have had no success.

Any noise produced by SCP-513 immediately induces strong anxiety in all sentient beings who hear it, regardless of their previous mental status. Exposure victims report feelings of being watched by an unseen entity and present elevated heart rates and blood pressure. Roughly one hour after exposure, exposure victims begin to catch glimpses of SCP-513-1 when opening doors, walking past mirrors, turning their heads, or performing any other actions that result in a sudden change in visual perception. Upon being sighted, SCP-513-1 reportedly turns away and runs out of view before disappearing without a trace. Questioning of bystanders indicates that SCP-513-1 is invisible to those who have not been exposed to SCP-513.


SCP-513 is in the containment chamber inside broken gelatin, damaged by a destroyed wall. The bell can be taken from its gelatin casing and used as an item which, when activated, rings it. After this, SCP-513-1 will appear and stalk the player. Sometimes after ringing, SCP-513-1 will lure the player into following it.


Animate? Yes
Harmful? No


Descriptions of SCP-513-1's appearance are largely unreliable. Test subjects are unable to provide complete accounts of sightings due to their exhaustion, degraded mental health, and disruptive hypervigilance. However, all interrogations thus far indicate that SCP-513-1 is a tall, emaciated humanoid with abnormally large hands.


After the player uses SCP-513, it will appear around the facility with an ambient bell sound. Upon approaching SCP-513-1 it will disappear for a short time. Putting SCP-513 in SCP-914 on Rough will show the remains of SCP-513 in decal and prevent SCP-513-1 from appearing.


  • SCP-513 was re-added in build v1.0.8
  • SCP-513 existed in older builds, but was removed because ringing it would always result in the player dying. It was replaced with SCP-372, in v1.0.
  • SCP-513-1 model is an edited version of SCP-096.
  • If SCP-513 is placed in SCP-914 on fine, very fine or 1:1, the game will crash.
  • SCP-513, and SCP-513-1 itself is harmless.
  • SCP-513-1 is the only harmless humanoid object in the game.

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