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Object Class Safe
Animate? No
Harmful? No
SCP Link SCP-860
Containment Chamber

SCP-860, nicknamed "Blue Key", is an SCP that is planned to be encountered in SCP - Containment Breach.


SCP-860, also known as the "Blue Key", is a dark blue key of unremarkable shape. At seemingly random intervals of time, a series of numbers, later found to be UTM coordinates, will appear on the key's blade. In the time SCP-860 has spent under containment, the numbers have changed three times, giving the coordinates for ██████ (Germany), ██████ (England), and Site-██.

SCP-860 can fit in any door lock that requires a key located in the area of the given coordinates, and will function identically to the correct key for that lock. SCP-860 only works on door locks, and only if they are attached to a door; it will not work on any other type of locking device.


SCP-860 is not in-game yet, but the player can find the unfinished version of SCP-860-1 by typing the "teleporting" command. Before doing that, the player must put the commonness to "100".

While it isn't in the game yet, the player can still find a document on it.

According to Regalis, SCP-860 will be used to unlock a door that does NOT accept key cards. The player will have to make their way through SCP-860-1 as fast as possible, or they will be chased by SCP-860-2.

Regalis has confirmed that SCP-860 will be added in the first non-alpha version of the game, which will be 1.0, alongside some other yet unknown SCP's.


Woods night

A picture of SCP-860-1, taken from the SCP Foundation website

When SCP-860 is used to unlock a door, the door does not lead to it's usual destination. Instead, it opens into a small forest clearing centered on an 80 cm wide footpath. Every observation of this grove has noted the presence of blue-colored mist.

As soon as any person enters SCP-860-1, the door automatically closes. From inside SCP-860-1, the door appears attached to an infinite concrete wall, and is locked. No attempts to break the door from outside, with personnel inside SCP-860-1, have been successful. Attempts to break the door from inside SCP-860-1 have resulted in [REDACTED].

The trail inside SCP-860-1 usually leads to another door attached to another infinite concrete wall. This second door leads to the normal destination room of the door on which SCP-860 was used.


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