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SCP-283 is a rock that weights about 1kg.SCP-283 has an unusual abilty to always roll towards east.The people that saw SCP-283 before its contaiment say that the rock was going trough walls and cars and was eventually stopped by a mobile trailer home and it remained lodged in the metal wall untill next morning.The agents believed that it was some magnetic force that was pulling the rock,but after some tests that theory was proven to be wrong.

SCP-283 is always placed in the east corner of its contaiment chamber because of its ability.

SCP-283 is not in any mod or in the official game and i dont know who put it here,still i wanted to give you guys information about it,also there are some funny stories including this SCP so you can read it on the official site.

I hope this page dosent get deleted because the creator of the game maybe notices this and deciedes to put this cute little rock in the game.

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