This is a guide on how to survive any SCP.

SCP-008 Edit

Wear the Hazmat Suit found in the room to the left in its chamber, and make sure you wear it to not get infected. Get as far away as possible that is enough to contain SCP-008 so SCP-173 will not break the glass and instantly kill you.

SCP-012 Edit

Wearing SCP-714 will negate all effects and damage from SCP-012. You can also use a Heavy Gas Mask or Heavy Hazmat Suit instead.

SCP-035 Edit

Completely harmless but inside SCP-035 containment room there are hostile tentacles.

SCP-049 Edit

In Containment Chamber

Get to any hallway, lure SCP-049, and sneak past.

In Surveillance Room

Get behind the object which you have two way escape, and if SCP-049 walks to a direction, go to the other. If he spots you and chases you, run out of there.

In any other area, do the same thing in the containment chamber part, but close all doors behind you, and elevator's are optional, since SCP-049 can use them.

SCP-066 Edit

Plays loud music if you stay around it too long but overall, SCP-066 is harmless.

SCP-079 Edit

Harmless. But if he talked to you, don't go to the large testing room or you'll be stuck there and probably die of suffocation. Unless you have a gas mask.

SCP-096 Edit

Don't look at his face or else he will be angry and kill you. It's harder to do that when it stands up, but just look down if you see it but not its face. If you do then lure him to a tesla gate or use SCP-1499 or get to the nearest elevatr.

SCP-106 Edit

In areas, it has a chance to spawn, or 100% chance to spawn in a specific area, just don't stay in an area for too long. If he does, lure him to a tesla gate or use SCP-1499 or run away as far as you can.

SCP-148 Edit

Harmless and useful. Refine it with your gas mask on Very Fine with SCP-914.

SCP-173 Edit

Go as far away as possible, blink, and go around if possible. He can trap you sometimes, but try to go around him and still look at him. Blink before open a door, look at the corners near you which is near the door when opened, close all doors behind you.

SCP-178 Edit

SCP-178 is harmless, but all SCP-178-1 will kill you if you get close.

SCP-205 Edit

Will not harm you, unless you go to the room with the lights inside it when the door opens. They will kill you. They are invisible.

SCP-294 Edit

Depends on what drinks you dispense.

SCP-372 Edit

Try to dodge your sight, harmless.

SCP-500 Edit

It cures diseases and heals any injuries that you currently have.

SCP-513 Edit

Ring the bell will spawn SCP-513-1, harmless.

SCP-682 Edit

Harmless since you can not interact with it.

SCP-714 Edit

Harmless, potentially useful.

SCP-860 Edit

A key that unlocks a specific door that leads to a forest. When you go in, avoid SCP-860-1.

SCP-895 Edit

Harmless unless you look at the camera footage for a while.

SCP-914 Edit

It refines items. You should use it at least once to complete the game.

SCP-939 Edit

Crouch walking to make less noise. It has no eyes, you are safe if you stay silent and it is near. If been spotted, run to the nearest elevator. There is an empty elevator shaft somewhere. If you go in then you will fall.

SCP-966 Edit

Harmless, invisible unless you are wearing night vision goggles.

SCP-970 Edit


SCP-1025 Edit

Sometimes harmless, sometimes not.

SCP-1048-A Edit

If it shrieks then if you stay within a certain distance, you will die.

SCP-1162 Edit

Will not be dangerous unless you use it with no items

SCP-1499 Edit

This is a very useful tool for evading many of the dangerous SCPs or storing items. Go into the dimension if you want, and not go near SCP-1499-1.

SCP-420-J Edit

It heals wounds. It will kill you if you use it after refining it on 1:1 with SCP-914.