SCP-173 tipsEdit

  • While traversing through the facility always try to close the doors behind you as a door seemingly opening by itself can alert you to 173's presence. Doing so will also slightly impede its progress.
  • When Nine-Tailed Fox enters the facility, seek them out if you are being followed by 173, as this will distract NTF while also removing 173 from the current playthrough.

SCP-173 in the intro sequence after killing the two D-class

  • During the intro scene, when the lights start to go out, leave the containment chamber and stand outside it. Once both Class-D's are killed, 173 will function like it would normally until you exit the containment chamber. Many new players get killed this way.
  • Always blink before opening a door, as 173 might be in the room, if not at the door.
  • 173 always knows the player's location, meaning that attempting to hide or any other efforts to sneak past it are in vain.
  • Always be conscious of the blink meter.
  • Never forget that the blink meter is only relevant when encountering 173; No other SCP requires constant line of sight.
  • When you get a certain distance close to scp 173, a short sound clip will play. Always be alert
  • Scp 173 can spawn in the room with scp 096, be cautious when encountering.

SCP-106 tipsEdit

  • Limit the amount of time you are in the Heavy Containment Zone.
  • When faced with the uncommon events where 106's victims fall in or out of the pocket dimension, get away as soon as possible; 106 will spawn faster near these spots.
  • Although you are faster than 106, running away is not the only method of escaping 106. Seek out the nearest usable elevator immediately.
  • If you have a Tesla Gate nearby, back off behind it and wait for 106 to walk into it. He will retreat into his pocket dimension.
  • You can use SCP-1499 and go to the 1499 dimension, then removing it immediately will make SCP-106 disappear.
  • In older versions, scp 106 is significantly faster than he is now. If encountered running is your only option.
  • Don't stay in one place for an extended period of time as scp 106 can spawn.
  • In newer versions, scp 106 is significantly slower, making running much more effective.

SCP-096 tipsEdit

  • Always listen for sobbing before entering a room, as that means 096 is inside.
  • When at a timed door room always look at the camera before rushing in, as 096 could spawn there sometimes.
  • Tesla gates can stun 096, but it will not stop it from chasing the player
  • Stare at the floor when you enter a room that contains 096. Nothing bad happens unless you look at its face.
  • Use Scp 1499 if you have seen 096's face. Wait for about 1 and a half minutes before removing

SCP-939 tips Edit

  • When entering the storage room, crouch, as the 939 can hear your footsteps.
  • 939 is/are always present in a room where men can be heard calling for help or are otherwise in distress.
  • 939's will follow a clockwise path. Time your movement to it.
  • If spotted, sprint towards the nearest elevator.

SCP-966 tips Edit

  • 966 is much easier to avoid/deal with night vision goggles.
  • When the message "You feel something breathing right next to you" appears, leave the room as soon as possible, as an instance of 966 is present.
  • If you begin hearing a sound that causes your stamina regeneration to slow and the screen to blur, a 966 instance is present and agitated. Leave the room immediately.
  • While slow and easy to evade, it can be difficult to mentally locate and keep track of them without night vision goggles, as they are normally invisible.

SCP-1048-A tips Edit

  • When encountered, try to take alternate routes if possible.
  • Hug the walls of any room 1048-A appears in to minimize contact.
  • If it is set off and begins to shriek, get away from it immediately to minimize damage.

SCP-008 tips Edit

  • While not actively hostile, avoid getting close to it if not wearing a hazmat suit.
  • If infected, consume a SCP-500 pill immediately, or a game over will follow.

SCP-012 tips Edit

  • Avoid opening the door to its chamber; There is nothing other than 012 itself in the room.
  • Try to avoid its influence if exposed and without SCP-714 equipped.

SCP-079 tips Edit

  • Be cautious if you've complied with 079's requests and reactivate the door control system, as 079's random door opening can be detrimental if not hazardous to your progression.
  • Avoid starting conversation with 079 since the effects of either choice will begin to manifest once it has started speaking.

Nine-Tailed Fox tipsEdit

  • Never have your volume muted, as you won't be able to hear crucial signs of dangerous SCPs or know when NTF enters the facility to signify that you're getting close to the exit.
  • You can hear their radio chatter or breathing from far away, use this to avoid them.
  • The ballistic vest will reduce damage taken from their weapons, even more so with its heavy variant.