SCP-173 Edit

Object class: Euclid Edit

In Game:

When you meet SCP 173 your with 2 other Class D Personnel ([1]) so a scientist([2]) tells you to go in the chamber you will be shot with 2 warnings later when they say the doors aren't working your free to roam around the chamber or area but only a few seconds of walking around then SCP 173 will snap the neck of the 2 class D's and then almost snap your neck.

Then the same scientist will say that the site is having Keter and Euclid level containment breaches and then you can run around for a few hours (or minutes) to get passed 173 and move on to 939.

Note: 173 will still follow you where ever you go even if your at a new SCP

SCP-049 Edit

Object Class:Euclid Edit

In Game:

SCP 049 spawns in a elevator near his chamber. If you go in his chamber 049 will appear and chase you.

He isn't a tracking SCP like 096 because you can loose him. If your close to him he will pull is hand out and chase you if your not he will walk and chase you.

SCP 049-2 you can find if you step on a dead scientist or MTF/NTF([3])(NTF is MTF just can kill class D's during breach) then the dead body will rise and start chasing the player.

If the player is touched by 049 (from now on the player is SCP-049-2) a Cut scene will be played in which he approaches a NTF unit and will then be shot down after the NTF unit saying that he "encountered a SCP-049-2"

Note: The dead bodies that you step on are 049's victims of his "Disease" that makes the humans like a zombie but the humans instead do something else then eat flesh

His touch would normally kill the player but if he wears SCP-714 death can easily be avoided however SCP-049 can take it of and then kill you.


SCP-049. "The Plague doctor" Video-log -SFM-

SCP-106 Edit

Object Class:Keter Edit

106 is the second most encountered SCP in the game. he looks like a human, but he has brown skin which is covered in a liquid. he only wears a vest and has a really broard grin.

In the game is a hidden Timer. if this timer is at zero a sound will be played and a black puddle will appear under the player. SCP-106 will start to rise from thar puddle. once he is done coming out of it he will start chasing the player. though SCP-106 can walk through walls he still will take a path in which he doesnt. but he can walk through doors.

when the player is beeing chased by him, a specific song will play, which can be really helpful to know if he appeared. however the song will not stop if the player lost SCP-106.

And yes, you can escape him. you just need to run a lot. The Super gas mask will come in really handy if beeing chased by him.

you can also stop him be leading him into a tesla gate. If he walks into one, he will disappear in the ground.

If he is just about to touch you(less than a second) his right hand rises.

If you do not manage to escape him and he catches the player, he will be teleportet into his pocket dimension.

You are able to recontain him in the heavy containment zone in the controll room of his Containment chamber by pulling the two levers and pressing the "Femur breaker" button. after that the screams by one Class-D in his Containment chamber will be heared. when the button is pressed you break the leg of that Class-D and because 106 is attracted to people in Pain he will appear in it. when he is in it you have to toggle the two levers again and he will not be able to escape, you are however able to free him again.

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