SCP 096

Object Class: Euclid

In Game:

after passes areas of the heavy containment zone you see 096 covering his hands on his face and raging and strange noises then a MTF appears with a gun and says that he looked at it and the 096 jumps on the MTF and the MTF was shooting but later the MTF was killed.

Then you need to do stuff with the controls and change them but you need to avoid 096. He walks like a gorilla or a 4 legged animal and then he will kill you.

096 is a tracking SCP so he does know where your going.

What happens is when you look at its face you turn into SCP 096-1 it means your 096's next victim and also 096-2 is when he calms down by sitting then he will start walking again

SCP 939

Object Class: Keter

939 is a reptile/dinosaur thing that is blind.

939 can talk and he is no tracking SCP. How he kills is if you move or make any loud sounds in the game he will bite you. You see there isn't that much about 939 so im gonna end this here


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