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Scientists are researchers working for the SCP Foundation, researching anomalous objects named SCPs.

Description Edit

Scientists are the backbone of the Foundation.

Most scientists died during the containment breach. People who survived were likely evacuated by MTF or killed off by breaching SCPs. Noclipping reveals that there are no scientists around the site, except for scientists placed in the game.

In-game Edit

During the opening of the game,  Security Chief Franklin can be seen walking below the walkway. Using no clip shows that he stands there after walking out of the room.

He also appears in SCP-173's Containment Chamber. He can be seen in the observation booth at the back of the room. He is the one giving you and the other 2 Class-D's instructions while a guard is assigned to attend the experiment and terminate any rogue Class-D's (If you refuse to enter SCP-173's Containment Chamber.)

A scientist is found talking to a janitor about possible escape routes in the Storage Room. Shortly after you enter the room the lights will go out and SCP-173 will kill both of them. It's advised to grab the items before the lights go out as SCP-173 can open the door while you're looking away and kill you.

Randomly when you come across a three-way corridor in the light containment zone, SCP-106 will drop a dead scientist from the ceiling, aimed at startling you. It is theorized that this scientist is either Doctor L. or Doctor Maynard due to the material the Pocket Dimension is made out of being found in Doctor L's office and the burnt note in the Pocket Dimension.

After becoming fully infected with SCP-008 a cutscene will play where the player will devour an unnamed scientist shortly before being killed by Nine-Tailed Fox.

Quotes Edit

One of the scientists discussing escape routes, before being killed.
  • "I think the shortest way out is through the south east wing, follow me."
  • "Did you hear that? I hope it wasn't..."

 The scientist when you die from SCP-008

  • "Please, oh god.....please no..."

Security Chief Franklin Edit


The Speakers Person

When going into the opening chamber, Franklin tells you to enter the chamber through a microphone. Should you not obey, he will command a guard to terminate you.

After 173 breaches containment and the power goes out, he urges for the site to be locked down before escaping.

He is later found at Gate A, alerting staff that SCP-106 has arrived, and shouts at them to fire the turrets at SCP-106 which forces him to retreat to his pocket dimension.

Quotes Edit

Franklin telling the Class-Ds to enter 173's chamber
  • "Attention all Class-D personnel, please enter the containment chamber."
  • "Please approach SCP-173 for testing."
  • "Uh, There seems to be a problem with the door control system, the doors aren't responding to any of our attempts to close it, so um, please maintain direct eye contact with SCP-173, and jus-*Microphone cuts out*"
  • "The site is experiencing multiple Keter and Euclid level containment breaches. Full site lock-down initiated."
Franklin if D-9341 disobeys
  • "Subject D-9341, enter the containment chamber or you will be terminated."
  • "This is your last warning. You have five seconds to comply."
  • "Subject D-9341 designated for termination. Fire at will."
At Gate A, when 106 appears
  • "SCP-106 has broken out of the facility at Gate A. Fire the H.I.D. Turret immediately. Do NOT let it across the bridge."
At Gate B, when SCP-682 breaches the facility
  • "SCP-682 just broke out at Gate B. I want all available helicopters and MTF units to Gate B NOW. I repeat, SCP-682 is out of the facility. All available helicopters and MTF units at Gate B NOW."

Doctors Edit

Doctors are scientists.

Doctor Gears Edit


Doctor Gears

You can find the room Dr. Gears lives in, but you can not go into it. No-clipping reveals that the room has disappeared. The room may have been taken to the pocket dimension by SCP-106.

Doctor Harp Edit

Dr. Harp is a scientist working at the Foundation. He is not present in-game.

However, he can be heard on number five of the radio. He will talk with Frank. The security code to his office can be heard here. It is unknown if Dr. Harp knew that people could no-clip into his house.

Doctor L. Edit

Dr. L. is a Foundation doctor who is likely deceased.

Doctor Maynard Edit

Doc Maynard is a scientist whose "Apartment" can be found in the game. You can find the code to his office on the burnt note that contains the code to his office. This note is in the Pocket Dimension.

It's also theorized that Doctor Maynard is the spy of the Chaos Insurgency that caused the containment breach. He helped the computer get full access to the system.

SPOILERS When you enter his Office, you can find a paper with"YOU MADE IT SO EASY, NICE WORK FOUNDATION.". You can find a TV where Maynard talked to a serious person.

Doctor R. Edit

In the mask's house, you can find a mask on Doctor R.

His name is Doctor R. because it is the first name of Radical Larry. This is proven because there is another doctor named Doctor L., Radical Larry's last name. It is theorized that they are brothers.

The Dead Victim Edit

In one kind of three-way hallway, a dead scientist will die by falling through the ceiling and hitting the floor with a splat sound effect. This is only a sound effect because the sound can be found inside the game.

The scientist is assumed to be Doctor Maynard (a note with the key code to his house is seen in the dimension). The code found on the burnt note in the pocket is randomized every play through. Doctor L has recently believed to be "Radical Larry" (also known as Doctor L) due to an accident with one of the SCP's and it horribly disfigured him and gave him the power to rot objects and people. (due to the similarities between his house and the pocket dimension). When the foundation locked him up he went insane and killed anyone who came close to him.

This however can all be proven false if we assume that the old man is Doctor L.'s interior decorator.

Trivia Edit

  • The unnamed scientist over the intercom in the intro sequence is voiced by DukeLovesYou. The scientist and guard found directly after the intro sequence are voiced by TheVolgun.
  • The character Dr. Gears is a SCP Foundation wiki member, best known for being involved with SCP-914, SCP-106, SCP-682, and various other SCPs.

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