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  • I live in Nowhere
  • I was born on January 28
  • My occupation is Student
  • Chieftain1

    The Just Another SCP Parody Mod is a mod made over the weekend by Chieftain1.

    Just Another SCP Parody Mod is a mod that changes the SFX and GFX of SCP - Containment Breach. It is currently in alpha.                                                                      

    The gameplay is the same as the normal SCP:CB, but recues the horror.

    Version 1.2(Fortnight anniversary edition) (0.7)

    -Documents of SCP-173 and 079 has changed.

    -The mod has a plot(not really)!

    -The document in D-9341's cell is different.

    -Wall and ceiling textures has been modified.

    -SCP-079 voice has been improved.

    -New SCP-714 and 012 loading screen.

    -Guards are now blue.

    -The launcher is diffenrent.

    -SCP-012 has been heavy changed/

    -On Mount Golgotha.ogg has seen better days.


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