aka Jackson Graves

  • I live in [REDACTED]
  • My occupation is Class-D
  • I am Male
  • D-7650

    Wow...just wow

    October 20, 2013 by D-7650

    So at the other copy kitty wiki Fire knows that I wrote a blog saying do not copy our I got to the wiki today and the blog was deleted my email "User rights change for D-7650" .I though they didn't allow me to chat or something but they made me a moderator.And I think I know why.They deleted the blog because they don't want to be told that wiki is shit and made me mod so i'd like the wiki.

    I don't forgive that easily...

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  • D-7650

    So I've noticed that there's a bunch of SCP-087-B photos on this wiki and I was wondering if it was updated or something?Or is it just a new addition to the SCP wiki

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  • D-7650

    Subject D-7650

    August 4, 2013 by D-7650

    Subject:D-7650 AKA Jackson


    The subject has not been located inside Site-19 guards are searching at Site-[REDACTED].

    If found tell Dr.Quist and escort back to his cell.

    (In other words i'll be gone for a bit)

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  • D-7650


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