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  • Dr.Mark
    • 10:27Dr.MarkK, back.
    • 10:27Fireworks888is it almost done?
    • 10:27Dr.MarkHe said that there was problem with porting the wiki.
    • 10:27Z-BitesUh-oh.
    • 10:28DaRadicalLarry
    • Darth Vader mode activate*
    • 10:28Z-BitesHeh.
    • 10:28Fireworks888Is it a project ending problem or just a 'it may be a little delayed' problem?
    • 10:29DaRadicalLarryIf it end we could always rebuild it from scrath
    • 10:29Dr.MarkIt seems that there was certain information on the wiki that violated the CCO act.
    • 10:29Fireworks888I think it would just be easier if we stay here
    • 10:29Z-BitesDid they list any examples?
    • 10:29DaRadicalLarryJesus christ not another act bullshit
    • 10:30Z-BitesWell, it looks like I'm keepin' my Z-Bites account!
    • 10:30Dr.MarkThey listed a few ex…
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  • Dr.Mark

    Brand New Wiki Features

    June 27, 2013 by Dr.Mark

    As you may have noticed, the wiki's chat has gotten some new additions to it. After about 2 hours of work, I was finally able to add a feature to this wiki that allows me to import custom scripts so that I can change up some of this wiki's features.

    Here's a basic overview of some of the new additions to the wiki:

    Chat Features:

    • A new options menu that allows each user to customize the chat's fonts, colours, and backgrounds the way they want. The chat menu also allows you to enable "Chat Hacks" which allow you to set yourself to "AFK" and use a 'Ping' feature that allows the chat to notify you when someone mentions your name or a specific phrase.
    • Ability to have group PMs. (needs to be enabled in the Options menu every time you login.)
    • A new '…
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