You wake up from your peaceful slumber, wide and awake.

The site's official logo physically represented by User:Cridone

Even though your mom had to get you up with a water splash or a shake.

You go to school, get on the bus, and write a few essays

You do all of these tasks once almost everyday.

You come home from a school day, tired and sleepy

As you throw down your book filled backpack quite so weakly.

You stumble to the couch, as tired as ever

Thinking that the time of your relaxation will, two, t-NEVER

You have a nap on the  couch, shutting your eyes to go to sleep

Not making a snore, a reflex, not even one single peep

A few hours later, you open your eyes

To spot your computer, the place that once made you cry

Not because of porn or the insults or the blue waffles, none of that

But for the mental asylum few call the SCP CB chat

For when you press that simple join button by slapping your mouse

You pretty much just entered yourself into a legit nut house

The white text resembles a straight jacket

But Tremor's avatars make you wanna fap it

This chat is more random than any thing you could ever imagine

It's simple wording could win in an Sociopath Pageant

If the chat was a person, it would be spastic as a stair bounded slinky

That told porn stories that'll leave you only to be able to say 'Kinky....;

It be in an insane muzzle, like the one worn by Hannibal Lector

And be locked away in an asylum, only the solitary sector

But what I'm trying to say, is that chat is completely INSANE

But why not join? There's only a 90% chance your sanity will be maimed

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