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  • I live in the deepest caves in Pakistan
  • My occupation is dealing with existential dread
  • I am a moron
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    A troll has been caught

    September 30, 2013 by Maria Carlos
    • Access given to MeltingPotOFriendship 
    • 8:38MeltingPotOFriendshipHello Members Of The SCP Wiki
    • I Am Recruiting For My MPOF Gangf
    • 8:39D-7650....Test subject willing to comply
    • 8:39MeltingPotOFriendshipAnyone Interested Will Report To Me
    • Okay, Good
    • 8:39Dr. LarryOH
    • MY
    • GOD
    • 8:39MeltingPotOFriendshipIt's An Anti-Wiki Gang That Is Currently Targeting 4 Wikis
    • 8:39Dr. LarryITS RG
    • 8:39MeltingPotOFriendship?
    • What Are You Talking About?
    • 8:40D-7650....what
    • 8:40Maria CarlosMelting Pot.
    • 8:40Dr. LarryRadio Grafiti
    • 8:40MeltingPotOFriendshipYES
    • Ghost
    • 8:40Maria CarlosYou Don't Talk Like This. You talk like this.
    • 8:40Dr. LarryRight, Ghost
    • 8:40D-7650yeah never mind....*walks to MTF* back to the cell for me
    • 8:40MeltingPotOFriendshipYou Are The First To Notice That, Good Work Soldier
    • A…
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  • Maria Carlos
    • 8:57Aerossmithmanfree
    • 8:57Insanity's WolfAero, calm your titties.
    • 8:57Fireworks888Ltn, stop fuckin' changin' ur shut
    • 8:57Aerossmithmani have no titties
    • 8:57Insanity's WolfBya, this is the calm before the storm.
    • 8:57AerossmithmanOOH
    • KILL EM
    • 8:57Insanity's WolfAt least an image of it.
    • Aero...
    • Chat hacks initialized.
    • To report errors or bugs, or to suggest features or translations, leave a message at w:c:User talk:Monchoman45.
    • 8:58AerossmithmanU SEEN TERIO?
    • 8:58Insanity's Wolf?
    • 8:58Byakuya600aero
    • 8:58Ermacpunk15don't come at me sideways unless you're zombie
    • 8:58Byakuya600shut the fuck up
    • srsly
    • 8:58Aerossmithmanshut up bya
    • 8:58Byakuya600make me nigga
    • im waitin
    • 8:58Koldoom42zombie's death
    • 8:58Insanity's WolfSHIT
    • 8:58Aerossmithmani'll fu…
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  • Maria Carlos


    August 27, 2013 by Maria Carlos

    Item #: SCP-096-J

    Object Class: Euclid

    Special Containment Procedures: SCP-096-J is to be kept in a McDonalds restaurant and to be fed 500 Bic Macs a day. If one does not feed SCP-096-J, it will attack them and nom on them until they die.

    Description: SCP-096-J is an extremely fat, and is from a McDonalds restaurant, where it nommed on everyone and took their cheeseburgers to nom on. SCP-096-J's face is very pudgy, and represents Buddha from Chinese Myth. When someone sees its face, it becomes enraged and shoots Big Macs from its [REDACTED] and instantly kills anyone who is in the way.

    If one is in a cheeseburger costume, then SCP-096-J will fall in love with that person, and eat him/her. Once SCP-096-J is finished with the "noming" process, t…

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  • Maria Carlos

    Hello. If you have no idea who I am, I am Maria Carlos, and I barely ever do something like this, but I'm making a humorous mod for SCP: CB known as SCP: Freak Breach. The mod will be based upon the Freak Fortress 2 mod for Team Fortress 2. I had a little too much fun, and I'm quite happy with what I have so far.

    • SCP-990 has been reskinned to Dick Sandvich
    • SCP-096 has been reskinned to the BLU Vagineer (W.I.P.)
    • SCP-106 has been reskinned to Ass Pancakes (W.I.P.)
    • SCP-173 has been reskinned to Painis Cupcake (W.I.P.)
    • SCP-049 will be reskinned to Christian Brutal Sniper (W.I.P.)
    • Zombies will be reskinned to Gentle Spy (W.I.P.)
    • Some SFX Files have been changed (W.I.P.)
    • Still working on Loading Screens... (W.I.P.)
    • 096's chase scream has been replaced w…
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  • Maria Carlos


    June 24, 2013 by Maria Carlos

    Well, I've been quite inactive lately, and the chat it usually dead, so add me on Skype:

    Maria Carlos

    Thanks, 23:13, June 24, 2013 (UTC)D-9999 (talk)

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