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  • Observer of chat rooms

    So you guys may see me as a mysterious figure, so I'll tell/show you a little about myself.

    My punting skills

    My amazing hands.


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  • Observer of chat rooms

    Link to the actual session: RP 1

    1. You can swear in this RP; same with Sexual References.
    2. If you are adding something sexual, then above it put [NSFW] when you post it.
    3. I, Observer, have the right to end the RP board. BUt I'll let you all know when I do so.
    4. Finally, the RP can be about the following: SCP's, Joke SCPs, and any of the Doctors in the foundation.
    5. P.S. Put your signature and a line below your post when you're done.
    6. P.S.S. Put your character Apps in the comment section before introducing them to the RP. You can have a max of three characters.
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    Item #: SCP-533633-J 

    Object Class: Totally Safe KETAR

    Special Containment Procedures: 533633-J is to be kept at The Neverland Ranch and is to be supplied with twenty pounds of cheese cubes given to as he wishes, bitches.

    Description: SCP-533633-J is a hot, sexy beast large humanoid with smexy regular facial features. Whenever 533633-J comes near any female D-Class personnel, he stares at them for five seconds and right afterwards, they come.

    If he's near any Male D-Class, then they will get the compulsion to grab their testicles and yell "Shamone!" to anyone near by.

    Addendum: Under no circumstances, is SCP-533633-J is to come into contact with SCP-888 at anytimes. The night of one thousand raped minds must never happen again.

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    Step right up boys and girls! The TWI Database is open to all with gaming in mind!

    You can even create your own OCs from there! Be it a dead space character, Assassin's creed character, or whatever fits for you with the expanding list of universes to choose from.

    So what are you waiting for? Go to it now!

    TWI Database Wiki

    (Note: If you've already seen it, and are already a member, disregard this post. Or better yet, show it to your mom friends.)

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    July 28, 2013 by Observer of chat rooms

    "Okay everyone, get in yer places. 106, be spotless, mmkay?" spoke the words of Dr.Bright.

    SCP-106 just mumbled and growled as he wobbled in with a skin tight suit. Behind him, were ten instances of SCP-008. They were outside the foundation building, and Dr.Bright managed to sneak 106 and a few SCP-008's out into the open without getting caught.

    "Okay, ready...ACTION!"

    Suddenly, the Micheal Jackson song Thriller began to play and SCP-106 got into position.

    Soon, he began to sing:

    It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking in the dark'

    Under the moonlight you see a sight that almost stops your heart'

    You try to scream but terror takes the sound before you make it

    You start to freeze as horror looks you right between the eyes,'

    You're paraly…

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