• Phantasmagorian

    Ghost Butt

    Item #: SCP-002-J

    Object Class: Euclid

    Special Containment Procedures: [Paragraphs explaining the procedures]

    Description: SCP-002-J is a parasitic anomaly that infects phantasmic, sapient entities. It is a large, incorporeal mass resembling a human rear that infects the entity's posterior. SCP-002-J will latch onto the posterior and grow. After a period of 4 months it will reach its maximum size and "fart", releasing ectoplasmic spores. These spores infect the posteriors of other phantasmic entities, continuing SCP-002-J's life cycle. SCP-002-J is highly irritating to phantasmic entities, however no cure has been found for SCP-002-J infection aside from its eventual "fart" and "death". Each instance of SCP-002-J is sapient and capa…

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  • Phantasmagorian

    Chat Snippets

    August 4, 2013 by Phantasmagorian

    Apparently, these aren't allowed on message walls because they take up too much space. So, I decided that I would make a blog that could archive things that happen on chat. If you have something that you think is worthy of being on here, copy-paste it, then PM it to me on chat and I'll put it up.

    Welcome! Please read the Chat Guidelines before using the chat.

    Villeggiante Options

    Baton Guy






    Zabidenu Private Messages


    Observer of chat rooms


    Z-Bites AFK

    4:59 Villeggiante

    • Villeggiante Sleeper sleeper sleeper.

    4:59 Dr.Mark Pineapples.

    4:59 Fireworks888 Slepepeweorfsaagswhesjdrk AlswijhaS eweper

    5:00 Villeggiante Pineapples are good, but if I eat too many, it cuts my tongue.

    5:00 Dr.Mark IKR?


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    Asking stuff

    July 17, 2013 by Phantasmagorian

    Hello there! I made this post to ask of all of your opinions and experiences on various SCP things. I'm just gonna write the questions here, and you can answer them in the comments.

    PLEASE do not stir up arguments or do anything forbidden in the Site Rules and Guidelines or the Chat Guidelines. Also, please respect the opinions of others.


    • How did you learn about/come across SCP?
    • What was the first Scip/article you remember reading?
    • What do you think the funniest mainlist SCP is?
    • Which SCP do you think has the creepiest/best picture?
    • Which SCP was the first to send shivers down your spine?
    • Do you think the black moon howls? Under what restrictions, if any?
    • Which SCP do you think is the most mysterious?
    • Which Scip do you want to own?
    • Which h…
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