Rustkit and dewkit

aka Pebbleshine

  • I live in Why do you'll u wanna know. *nervous glance* good old state of texas
  • I was born on December 5
  • My occupation is Drawer, trys to spread cheer
  • I am Female
  • Rustkit and dewkit

    This hole is huge. Very deep. They have almost dug completely bot the other end and created a tunnel that they can go in and out of. I'm impressed

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  • Rustkit and dewkit

    I think that if we have a bunch of guards in a circle surrounding scp 173 on all sides with some people next to him.

    We could make them cover scp 173 in the same substances he's assumed to be made of until he is a round ball.

    It should get rid of his arms and legs and maybe it could also test if he breaths.

    And this is why I've requested a testing session.


    Incident report


    Scp 173 breached containment after a twelve hour test session involving 20 personnel. The test had transformed scp 173 into a completely round ball. Following the test 12 guard and 1 researcher were killed by scp 173 after the lights flickered suddenly. Cause of death was different then before.

    Death was caused by impact with scp 173 rolling into them a…

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