• I live in A Containment Chamber with Internet
  • I was born on April 3
  • My occupation is Plague Doctor
  • I am Male, I think...
  • SCP-049

    Okay, we've had this problem several times before, multiple references and thoughts of the "Slender Man". 

    Seriously people, you need to understand this one answer to all of this, and that Slender Man, in any shape or form, is not part of the SCP-Verse or its canon (including the people who have created faulty articles about the Slender Man being SCP-2000, a number of which does not yet exist). It's part of the Creepypasta articles, of which are fictional horror stories and tales about several abnormal beings or events, and in no part, are related to Secure Contain Protect, nor are designated as SCPs for that matter. 

    In addition to suggesting Slender Man be "compared" to SCP-173 about "being completely opposite", is as well not preferred in…

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  • SCP-049

    Hello everyone,

    As of recent events regarding my computer software, I won't be on in-room chat as common as before. This is due to my computer apparently shutting itself off and later restarting after utilizing it for a certain amount of time.

    In addition to my computer being an ignorant asshole, I cannot access its applications (in by which I mean ALL of them) as well. It appears that every time I try to access them, it ends up with an an error message stating that the application could not be opened due to a problem with its side-by-side configuration.

    I am taking it to my local technician tomorrow to have it fixed, but if you have any ideas on how to repair this thing, let me know.

    Thank you.



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