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    Is it me, or...

    June 20, 2013 by SCP-079

    Was I one of the only people, besides a few, who gave 2 shits about the wikis? I mean, in all do respect, some DID help, but I feel like me, and a few others helped keep the wiki in good shape back then. DON'T GET ME WRONG, I did roleplay, and stuff like that, but... seriously, I never wanted the wiki to be shut down! I can understand why, and I read the forums, but is it my fault? Is it my roleplaying and downright STUPIDITY that got us all upside-down and backwords??? I don't think it was anyone else's fault but mine, however I did give a shit or 2 about the old wiki, and it's my duty here to maintain our troll-free community. If a page gets trolled, I'll likely revert it. I'm going to keep my roleplaying to a minimum now. I don't want anythi…

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