• Theshawnotron

    Ideas for the future.

    January 29, 2014 by Theshawnotron

    These are nothing serious, just some ideas for new stuff that could be added into SCP-containment breach in the future. Please do not take these ideas seriously, these are just simple fan-made ideas.

    SCP-339. "Be silent, be still." The player could find this in it's containment cell just scratching the walls with it's tentacles. If the player moves to quickly near it or goes close to it, SCP-339 would extend it's tentacles and start grabbing and tearing the player. If they were a good distance from SCP-339, there could be a chance of them escaping, but will receive heavy bleeding.

    SCP-409. "Contagious crystal." When in the heavy containment zone, the player could find SCP-409 in it's containment cell, with the shattered remains of it's recen…

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