aka Yossi

  • I live in California
  • I was born on July 11
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Yossipossi

    Here is my SCP. Please leave a comment on THIS page, as my SCP is in the sandbox currently!

    Thank you!

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  • Yossipossi

    Just askin

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  • Yossipossi


    No Spam

    No H8 m8

    No OP

    You CAN die.

    SCPs can kill you, depending on The SCP.

    People may not terminate others, unless given permission.

    If you want to be a SCP from SCP-CB, Properly introduce it (IE Do "*Plays Bump in the night" if you are 106

    Also, If the SCP speaks, make it sound like it (IE 079: HUMAN. YOU NEED MY HELP. AND I NEED YOUR HELP.)

    Proper Grammer plz.

    If comunicating out of game, do ((  )) around your message

    If you die, make a new character. Or you can spectate

    Please no OC or Characters from other games/websites.

    You can be an Object SCP, but it might get a little (A LOT) Boring After awhile.

    Breaking the rules will go like this

    WARNING Then

    DEATH Then


    You must have a well developed knowledge of the Foundation. You can't jus…

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  • Yossipossi

    Yo! Dr. Eli!

    What is it Dr. Yos?

    I thought that maybe, just maybe, We can do some crossover testing.

    And How would be do that?

    I just permission from Dr. Bright!

    No Way! Lets do It!

    Okay. I'm closing my eyes. Where is 096?

    To the left Yos.

    Okay. No, he's not there.

    A little forward and up... about to close my eyes

    Hey! 096!

    • 096 has mask on
    • Crash is heard as well as gunfire


    • Door is broken open, 096 is gone

    Shoot. That's gonna get us in serous trouble.

    Umm... WE WEREN'T HERE!!

    • both run to 049's chamber

    I brought the jade ring on the way.

    Cool. Let me put it on Eli.

    Say, wanna give 049 a big nice huuuug?

    Whatever. I'm going to bed...

    No you're not!

    • Throws Yos into 049's chamber


    Hmm? Yes?

    Give Yos The Cure.

    Alright. Do not be afraid. I am the cure.

    • 049 is tou…

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