Item #: SCP-012

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-012 is to be kept in a 0.4 meter containment unit at a Light Containment Zone. Inspecting or handling SCP-012 are to wear via infrared goggles. Subjects affected by SCP-012 are to be taken to be relocated to the designated Observation Wing, see File-O-012-354354.

Description: SCP-012 is a handwritten musical score estimated to have been created during the late 1800's, entitled "On Mount Golgatha". Four (4) of the lines on SCP-012 (ten (10) in total) have been written on in human blood from multiple subjects.

When a human subject makes direct eye contact with SCP-012, they will instantaneously feel compelled to acquire it. Multiple affected subjects will fight each other to acquire SCP-012 and will kill if necessary. If able to acquire it, subjects will begin to heavily injure themselves in order to use blood from wounds to write on SCP-012 with their own fingers. Subjects will attempt to complete the song written on it. During writing, subjects suffer symptoms of trauma and psychosis.

If the subject is successful in completing a line of SCP-012, they will begin to show major signs of depression and stress before claiming that SCP-012 is impossible to complete and will attempt to self-terminate through worsening their wounds. Expired victims of SCP-012 typically expire from blood loss or high stress levels.

Living subjects will recover from wounds and stress normally, but will still suffer from psychosis. Attempts to cure affected subjects has been unsuccessful; the diagnosis appears to be permanent. If the subject makes visual eye contact with SCP-012 again, their stress levels will rise but they will not feel compelled to complete the song written on it again.

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