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    Human's fear

    September 24, 2013 by ZhukohaGreen

    The fear is one you what you think, like you've been scared, you will rethink it often until you forget it, that's one fear. But the fear that people fear most is the time.

    The time goes forever, it can't be stopped nor stop by it's limited time. Same as the clocks, they spin forever and won't stop (only if the batteries are empty or aren't on).

    But it ticks forever, it ticks to your dead. It tick over your limit time of your life. It spin until your dead, why is it human's fear?

    Death is most fear we've even know. it's scary to die. Time can only go to infinity, Until you die. But it won't spin if you're dead. It goes forever, the ticking makes you rot away. losing your life in 1 seconds, or 2 seconds. 4 seconds then something bad happens, 8…

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  • ZhukohaGreen


    August 27, 2013 by ZhukohaGreen

    In the class, I was waiting for my friend to come. We had a deal to go to a forest. A forest that no one has come back. But that's was just a rhyme. I had my pen and wrote some words. He took too long. So I went outside, maybe he was killed? So I went outside of the school. No one was there. All I heard was whisper from wind, leaf from trees and paper fly around the gate. I felt someone was watching me, like paranoia. I looked around the school. It was a lot of leaf around places, leaving the trees. I walked few steps. I was scared. I tried to talk but I was too scared. I walked to the trash can. Moved it, it was a book under it. I picked it up and read it. All it said "want to be my friend?" All pages. The last page said "YOU'VE BEEN WATC…

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  • ZhukohaGreen


    August 19, 2013 by ZhukohaGreen

    (this blog isn't done yet or may not be updated later...)

    Soulless. The gender is a girl, but we don't know yet why. She has two eyes, red and big smile of blood. On of her hand has a giant claw. She wears a dress, pink and red. She lives sometimes inside of a house and wait to someone goes in there. Her eyes can be seen from distance.  She "brutal" the dead body to just find your soul, even it doesn't exist. She still try get your soul. She always open your chest then cut it few times, then cut your hearth. She hides the dead body down the basement and hang them. Inside of the house there two big room. One makes food and one with a lot of blood. In kitchen there's many knives and blood around. Upstairs there three room, one with bathroom, …

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  • ZhukohaGreen


    July 31, 2013 by ZhukohaGreen

    "i don't know, he looks like myself. But just scarier. Or horrodoom."

    "Is that even a word?"


    Yourself is like yourself but just freaker. He's same high as you, same age and same hair, eye color.. But not the happines, only your sorrow. He/she will cry blood for your sorrow. And when it sees you. You will be scared. Your fear is always... Yourself... Now its always wear black clothes. Crushing your life. Make your life sucks. Make you alone in your fear. Until you give up. It will show up and kill you slowly. Its real form is giant shadow. With red eyes. Sharp fingers, it cuts your happines in pieces. And it eat your sorrow. Making him stronger. He goes

     People that's is broken.. But no one stopped him, right?

    Jeff was wandering in a fores…

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  • ZhukohaGreen


    July 25, 2013 by ZhukohaGreen

    Faceless. A creature with 2 eyes, blueish color. It hunt your fear. It can't be outmatch, it can't be outdone. If it stare at you, it kills you. If you look at away it takes your face. If you  run away it hunt you down.

    It's a tall creature who is 2.30 meter high and has two dots. But it's rare to see it. It has no face, It has chain around it. it can be found top of Sky mountain or black hill. It mostly not walking neither teleports. its back has never been seen. Its eye color is blue and black inside of it. He lures people near it And #### them. It. It is immune to attacks. its psychic attacks can destroy your body at one touch, like someone punish you by killing other people. His eyes stare at you while your in fear. And he hunts the wea…

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