(this blog isn't done yet or may not be updated later...)

Soulless. The gender is a girl, but we don't know yet why. She has two eyes, red and big smile of blood. On of her hand has a giant claw. She wears a dress, pink and red. She lives sometimes inside of a house and wait to someone goes in there. Her eyes can be seen from distance.  She "brutal" the dead body to just find your soul, even it doesn't exist. She still try get your soul. She always open your chest then cut it few times, then cut your hearth. She hides the dead body down the basement and hang them. Inside of the house there two big room. One makes food and one with a lot of blood. In kitchen there's many knives and blood around. Upstairs there three room, one with bathroom, one dark living room and one living room with lights on. In bathroom there is full of blood inside of the bathtub. and mouse around the dark living room. But inside of living room with light on it's like normal room. But there sit and wait for you go inside of the room.

- "I write this more later..." Zhukoha

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