This is a list of all of the versions so far released for the game, listed in chronological order. The downloads to these versions can be found here.

Version Changelog



  • Added the option to select the graphics and audio device in the launcher.
  • Fixed the bug that occasionally stops the door from opening in the first room.
  • Fixed the collision problems with SCP-173's containment doors (such as falling through the floor when near the doors or getting stuck inside them).
  • Fixed the bug that made it possible to walk through the walls in the first room.
  • Fixed a bug that let SCP-173 kill you through walls.
  • Made some of the Rooms a bit brighter.
  • Fixed some bugs that occurred when starting a new game after dying.
    • Some of the items sometimes stayed in the inventory.
    • Gas Mask stayed on if it was equipped in the previous game.
    • The rapid blinking caused by gas stayed for a while in the new game.
  • New menu Music.
  • Implemented Saving System, though it's still buggy.
  • Disabled Y button from teleporting you to SCP-914.
  • Fixed some typos in the code, may or may not have fixed bugs in-game.
  • Fixed the bug that made it possible to duplicate SCP-420-J.


  • Added two new rooms.
  • Modified some of the textures.
  • Added new items.
  • Added new sound effects.
  • The main menu is now scaled to fit any resolution.
  • Added Console.
  • Fixed some bugs in the saving system.


  • Changed engine from BlitzMax to Blitz3D, which added:
    • Bump and Specular mapping.
    • Better lighting, moving objects are now lit properly.
  • Added SCP-106's Pocket Dimension.
  • New SCP-173 model.
  • Fixed a bug that made SCP-173 "flicker" through walls.
  • Added new rooms, items and sound effects.
  • Made it possible to choose the map seed.
  • Started stuff to the Options menu.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the screen from going black when blinking with the navigator equipped.


  • Replaced SCP-513 and SCP-513-1 with SCP-372.
  • Some new rooms.
  • Radio phones.
  • Fixed a bug that disabled collisions with some objects.
  • Added the option to disable the HUD and/or bump mapping.
  • Fixed the black screen bug.


  • New rooms and events.
  • More radio broadcasts.
  • Some additions to SCP-106's pocket dimension.
  • Added SCP-106's containment room.
  • Added SCP-079's containment room.
  • New voice acting for the intercom during the intro sequence.
  • Doubled the size of the inventory.
  • Re-added the maintenance tunnel.
  • Some improvements to the map generation algorithm.
  • Added the noclip command to the console.
  • The distance of the camera fog now changes depending on the amount of light.
  • Fixed the bug that stopped the player from blinking when holding a paper.
  • The player can no longer move faster by holding two movement keys at the same time.
  • Fixed the bug in the intro sequence that prevented the guard from shooting the player.


  • Fixed the levers and buttons in SCP-106's containment room.
  • Fixed the bug that blocked the doors of the elevators to the maintenance tunnel.
  • Slightly modified the "room3pit"-room.


  • SCP-106's recall procedure finally works (even though the voice acting is still missing).
  • Improved pause menu.


  • Added Gate B and multiple endings.
  • Added Mobile Task Force.
  • New rooms.
  • Improved map generation algorithm:
    • Maps that are impossible to get through are no longer generated.
    • Removed the black "fake walls" that could appear sometimes.
  • SCP-106 now uses an A*-based pathfinding algorithm, so now it won't just float towards the player through the map.
  • Sound clips for the lure subject used in SCP-106's recall protocol.
  • Added readable computer screen monitors.
  • New ambient sounds.
  • Added multiple loading screens.
  • Improved sound clips for SCP-079.
  • Improved SCP-173 model.
  • Added the wireframe console command.
  • Fixed some texture bugs in the map.
  • Added a track that plays when using SCP-420-J.
  • Added a console command that changes SCP-173's texture to a jack-o-lantern.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Fixed a bug that cause empty black rooms to appear.
  • Improved the aim of the MTFs.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the screen at Gate B to crash the game.
  • Fixed a texture bug and the keypads in the room above the maintenance tunnel.
  • Fixed a bug that caused "twitching" sound effects to play.


  • Fixed the save file corruption bug.
  • Optimized map rendering a bit to improved FPS.
  • Fixed the decals in the pocket dimension.
  • Fixed the bug that crashed the game when opening the doors to Dr. Harp's or Dr. Maynard's office.
  • The lure subject can no longer appear outside SCP-106's cell.


  • Fixed the bug that caused the player to fall through the map when loading a new game and in the pocket dimension.
  • Fixed some waypoint bugs.
  • Added a keycard in SCP-106's containment room.


  • Fixed a bug in SCP-079's containment chamber that made SCP-079 disappear and caused random black walls and floors to appear in the chamber and other rooms.
  • Fixed the "black wall of fog" in the intro sequence.
  • Fixed some waypoint bugs.


  • Fixed the bug that caused buttons and keypads to disappear when loading a saved game.
  • Fixed some lighting bugs.
  • Adjusted the height of the player and NPCs.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the access code on the burnt note to not work.


  • MTF models are now animated.
  • Slightly improved MTF AI.
  • Fixed bugs with Gate B.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player to clip through the ceiling in the cylindrical tunnels.


  • Added Gate A and another ending.
  • Crouching and hiding mechanics.
  • Improved intro sequence.
  • Improved Class-D models.
  • Improved MTF AI.
    • They now head to the last location the player was spotted in and start randomly searching for him.
    • They'll try to re-contain SCP-106 when they reach its chamber.
  • An injury/bloodloss system, so now it's possible (although hard) to survive being shot. Gunshot wounds make you bleed, and losing too much blood eventually kills you. Injuries can be healed with first aid kits, but it takes some time (so you can't just start bandaging a wound while you're being shot at) and a regular first aid kit won't heal you completely. The degree of the injuries depends on which part of your body got hit - headshots are still instakill.
  • Added the "injure [0-5]" console command.
  • Added Ballistic Vests.
  • New SCP-106 model.
  • New scripted events.
  • Improved SCP-914 model.
  • SCP-173 will now move around the facility more actively.
  • New rooms.
  • A subtle "zoom effect" when the player is looking at SCP-173 or SCP-106.
  • A console command for spawning items (spawnitem [the name of the item]).
  • Added Anomalous Ducks.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Added SCP-096.


  • Fixed the bug that crashed the game when equipping a navigator or radio.


  • Increased SCP-096's speed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused severe framerate drops when SCP-096 was unable to find a path to the player.
  • Added the ability to customize controls.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when you put a first aid kit in SCP-914 on Very Fine.
  • New gunshot sound effects.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Significantly reduced loading times when loading a game after dying.
  • Added different poses for SCP-173.
  • Modified SCP-096's sounds.
  • Added a loading screen for SCP-096.
  • S-NAV Ultimate now shows SCP-096's location.
  • Some minor bug fixes with Gate A.
  • The guard in the intro sequence no longer freezes when the player runs to the end of the hallway.
  • Optimized the blur effect.
  • Fixed the bug that caused SCP-106 to get stuck inside its containment cell if you turned off the magnets after recontaining it.
  • Fixed the "Femur breaker" sign in SCP-106's containment room.
  • Fixed the decals that appear when SCP-106 spawns.
  • Two new anomalous ducks.
  • Added dead bodies lying around the facility.


  • New Class D models.
  • Added SCP-714.
  • Fixed the bug that caused some of the doors to close after opening them.
  • Small bugfixes in SCP-096's pathfinding.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the MTFs to get stuck behind doors.
  • The checkboxes in the menu are now drawn properly even when using a lower resolution.
  • The cursor is now shown in the ending screen.


  • New SCP-096 model.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • New console commands.


  • Additions to SCP-106's pocket dimension.
  • More sound clips for the MTFs.
  • Minor bug fixes in the MTFs AI.
  • Some new prop models in the office rooms.
  • Containing 106 now works properly.
  • The server rooms are now easier to navigate through.
  • Changed the "Input" label on SCP-914 to "Intake".


  • Added SCP-008, SCP-012, SCP-049, SCP-500, and SCP-1025.
  • Improved map generation algorithm - now the map is divided into three "zones" ("light containment", "heavy containment" and an office/research zone).
  • New rooms.
  • Plenty of new scripted events, including:
    • Scenes where the player will witness staff trying to escape the facility with varied success.
    • An event where SCP-096 kills a guard.
  • New items.
  • Added room specific ambient sounds.
  • Some optimization to SCP-096's AI.
  • Minor additions to the intro sequence.
  • Improved the gas.
  • Reduced poly count on SCP-173's model.
  • Added security cameras around the facility.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player to get stuck inside doors.
  • The viewable computer screens are now scaled up/down depending on the resolution.
  • The time and date of a save file are now showed in the "Load Game" menu.


  • Fixed the door buttons in the nuclear warhead room and SCP-008's chamber.
  • Fixed the lighting in some rooms.
  • Removed the duplicate "room2scps" room.
  • Added new hallway to the first zone.


  • The MTFs will now react to SCP-173 and attempt to re-contain it.
  • Added Death Messages.
  • Added a new room to the pocket dimension.
  • Minor tweaks to the Pocket Dimension's background ambience and wall textures.
  • Minor additions to the Tesla gate rooms (a warning sign and a light that shows when the gate is active).
  • Gave SCP-106 a glossier appearance.
  • Removed the unnecessary file from the GFX folder.
  • Removed the "wobble effect" from SCP-096's panic animation.
  • Improved lever texture.
  • Changed the layout of the First Room.
  • New sound effects.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the elevator buttons to disappear.
  • Fixed a bug that caused SCP-096 to panic when the player looks at its feet.
  • Fixed the bug that occasionally caused some rooms to overlap each other.
  • Fixed the buttons in SCP-008's chamber.

Undocumented changes:

  • Changed SCP-500-01's inventory icon to be all red.
  • Added SCP-990.
  • Moved SCP-714's and 1025's chambers from zone 1 to zone 3.
  • Added a variant of the end room.



  • Added the Map Editor.
  • The navigator is now much easier to use. It will now show which direction the player is looking. The map also moves "seamlessly", not just when you enter a new room.
  • Fixed the NPC texture loading bug.
  • Fixed a bug that caused SCP-173 to teleport near the player.
  • SCP-682's roars can no longer be heard in the pocket dimension.
  • Updated SCP-096's model with new animations.

Undocumented changes:

  • New version of the SCP-079's message in the large testing chamber.
  • New horror sound playing in the pocket dimension.
  • A Class-D will now approach SCP-173 before the breach.
  • New ambient sounds.
  • New sound effect for SCP-914.
  • Added a new 4 way room in the Office Zone.
  • The decomposed scientist now falls faster.
  • A new SCP-096 image on the loading screen.
  • A new monitor screen in SCP-079 containment chamber, behind a door with a keypad.
  • The door in SCP-012's chamber now only opens if the remote door control system is on.


  • Re-implementation of SCP-513 and SCP-513-1.
  • Addition of SCP-294.
  • Several new rooms including a Cafeteria and rooms that separate each zone.
  • New computer monitors and documents.
  • Revised SCP-914's system for refining Keycards.
  • D-9341 can now be heard breathing.
  • Map Editor changes.
    • Each room now has a short description.
    • Prevents users from selecting large rooms so that they don't overlap with each other.

Undocumented changes:

  • Renamed the Office Zone to Entrance Zone.
  • SCP-096 is taller.
  • Added skyboxes to Gate A and Gate B.
  • Improved the AI of the MTFs (they now stay in groups as they should and have a much better pathfinding system).


  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when quick loading.
  • Fixed a few bugs with SCP-294's liquids.
  • Added new liquids for SCP-294.


  • Added a new room and some new textures in the pocket dimension
  • Fixed a bug that replaced corner rooms with a lockroom when loading a game
  • Fixed the broken hitboxes in the checkpoint rooms and SCP-513's room
  • Fixed some bugs in the SCP-294 code, now all the commands work properly
  • New SCP-294 liquids
  • Fixed the lamps that displayed a "keycard needed" -message when clicked
  • Optimized SCP-173 model
  • Doors won't disappear anymore
  • Optimized doors, buttons, cameras and cups dispensed by SCP-294
  • Optimized a few NPCs, memory usage and loading time should be slightly lower
  • Fixed an SCP-294-related memory leak
  • Fixed the SCP-500-01 bug that gave you infinite stamina
  • No more falling through the floor on quick loading (not 100% working)


  • Added two new SCPs - SCP-035 and SCP-148
  • Improved SCP-173 AI (it shouldn't randomly fall from the ceiling anymore)
  • Some additions to the intro:
    • Random announcements
    • A new npc
    • The mute guard doesn't get stuck inside doors anymore
  • Lots of new sound effects, including zone-specific ambient sounds
  • Texture-specific footstep sounds
  • A couple of bugfixes in the "plane area" in the pocket dimension
  • New background music in the pocket dimension
  • Lots of bugfixes in the MTF AI
  • Significantly faster pathfinding algorithm - the MTF don't cause fps drops as much as before
  • SCP-079 can now broadcast the camera feed from SCP-895's chamber on any monitor in the facility, unless you [DATA REDACTED]
  • Now there's an actual purpose to enter SCP-008's containment chamber
  • Gate A is now slightly harder to reach
  • Moved the cafeteria from the heavy containment zone to the entrance zone
  • Dropped items don't clip through each other anymore
  • Fixed crashes related to the following events:
    • room2servers
    • room106
    • room2closets
    • room2elevator
  • Game won't freeze when loading reaches 45% with debug on
  • Stabilized the launcher (MAVs (Memory Access Violations) should be less frequent when using the launcher)
  • Levers will not reset when you load a game
  • Hopefully, no more falling through the floor this time


  • Minor graphical improvements to the menus
  • Refining the gas mask in SCP-914 works again
  • The hazmat suit now protects from decontamination gas
  • Fixed the bugged checkpoint rooms that lead out of the map
  • SCP-079 now broadcasts the actual feed from SCP-895's chamber, not just the hallucinations
  • Added SCP-500 loading screen and a more canon SCP-500-01 model
  • Added MTF loading screen
  • SCP-035's room doesn't crash the map creator anymore


  • Once again, an attempt to fix the SCP-173 spawn bugs
  • Anti-aliased text and new fonts in the GUI
  • New radio transceiver and navigator models
  • The camera now zooms to the keypad you're using, instead of the floating image of a keypad
  • High-res button/keypad texture
  • Heavily nerfed the "STOP HIDING" feature
  • Some new ambient sounds
  • "The Dread" is now properly looped
  • Reverted SCP-106 back to its pre-0.7.2 look
  • Fixed the bug where SCP-173 tries to open a keypad door and the sound of the door opening is played repeatedly
  • Moved the containment room of SCP-1025 and SCP-714 to the light containment zone and changed the layout of the room a bit
  • Fixed a bug that displayed a bug that displayed the "you take off the gas mask/hazmat suit/ballistic vest" when dropping the item even if it wasn't equipped
  • You won't stay in a crouch after loading a game anymore (unless you saved while crouching of course)
  • Added the custom RoomMesh format for faster loading times and more efficient memory usage
  • Some fixes to the "room106" event: containing SCP-106 should be easier
  • No more falling-through-floor, attempt #3
  • Fixed door that leads to the void in "room2servers" (SCP-096's server room)
  • Placed "testroom" keypad door correctly
  • MTFs at Gate A will get the player if they contained SCP-106
  • Optimized event sounds


  • Fixed a bug that crashed the game when equipping a gas mask, hazmat suit or ballistic vest
  • Fixed a bug that crashed the game when teleporting to a room that doesn't exist
  • Removed the buggy 2D button overlay on keypads
  • The sound that is played when using a keycard or a keypad doesn't interrupt other sounds anymore
  • Removed the keypad in "room2servers" that sometimes clipped through other rooms


SCP 1.0
  • SCP-066, SCP-860, SCP-970 and SCP-939
  • Some new rooms
  • New MTF and guard models
  • Major changes to the AI of the MTF (including a lot of bugfixes and optimization)
  • Some additions to the intro and the moments after the breach
  • The guard in the intro no longer gets stuck in doorways
  • More accurate method for checking whether the player is looking at SCP-096's face
  • Fixed some bugs in 096's animations
  • Improved SCP-049's mask and new SCP-049-2 models
  • SCP-049's room can't be just past through without encountering 049 anymore
  • SCP-049 can use the [REDACTED]
  • Reaching Gate A is now slightly harder
  • Dome doors are equipped with a DNA Scanner
  • New music tracks for the heavy containment zone and entrance zone
  • Lots of new/improved sound effects
  • Some new ambient sounds
  • A brief music clip is played when going through the checkpoints
  • New footstep sounds when walking on metal surfaces
  • The ambient sounds coming from vents and other sound sources can be heard from nearby rooms (i.e. the sound won't abruptly stop when stepping to the next room)
  • Optimized rendering, NPC AI and events (higher framerate and less twitching)
  • Optimized lightmaps (PNGs instead of BMPs)
  • Fixed a ton of asset loading bugs (thanks to MonocleBios's wrapper functions)
  • No more memory access violations when opening a computer screen
  • Fixed the gatea.rmesh loading bug
  • Fixed the double equip sound when equipping a gas mask, a vest or a hazmat suit
  • Less copyright-infringing SCP-895 images
  • Randomized maintenance tunnels
  • It's now slightly easier to escape the pocket dimension


  • Optimized room rendering, including the forest and the maintenance tunnels
  • Included a dll that should help with performance issues on Windows 8
  • Fixed the bug where the cell doors disappear in the intro
  • Fixed maintenance tunnel elevators
  • The door to the forest shouldn't cause Memory Access Violations anymore
  • Fixed duplicate SCP-066 bug
  • Fixed the bugs in SCP-970's "looping effect"
  • Fixed the broken radios and navigators
  • Severed hands now spawn properly
  • The DNA Scanners can't be opened using any item anymore (can only be opened with the severed hands)
  • Fixed the clipping doors that appeared in some of the corner rooms


  • Fixed the bug that prevented SCP-049 from killing you if you were caught by it after turning one of the levers in the containment room
  • Fixed the non-functional monitor in SCP-106's chamber
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the doors to the exits to stay locked
  • The door leading to SCP-860 can't be walked through anymore
  • Bump mapping works again
  • Fixed a bug that caused the apaches at Gate B to hit the player even if they're not aiming at him
  • Split up the conversation of the guards in the intro so that the voice clips originate from the guard who's talking, instead of all of them originating from the first guard
  • The map generation algorithm is less likely to generate maps with any important rooms, such as the electrical center, missing
  • The second sound clip in the "suicide guard" event is now played correctly
  • Improved walking animations for the guards
  • Tweaked SCP-106's pathfinding a little
  • A tiny addition to SCP-970
  • The map creator now shows all the placeable rooms
  • Fixed the game-crashing example map included with the map creator


  • Fixed the "guardconvo.ogg not found"-error in the intro


  • The severed hand no longer crashes the game when placed in SCP-914, and there's a new item that can be obtained by doing so
  • A small easter-eggish SCP addition (SCP-1048)
  • Quicksaving is disabled in keter mode
  • Wireframe can now be properly toggled between on and off when entered in the console, and will reset its value when the game is reloaded
  • SCP-294 no longer crashes the game when attempting to enter nothing
  • SCP-970 no longer teleports the player to the incorrect location when the player closes the door behind him before moving forwards in the room
  • Framelimiting can now be disabled by setting framelimit to 0


  • Lots of improved sound effects by Class401
  • The wall details in the forest are now hidden when the player isn't in the forest, meaning that the door and the door frame no longer block the view of the drawportal when the door is open
  • DNA scanner no longer crashes if no item is selected
  • Testroom shouldn't crash anymore after SCP-079 turns on the gas
  • Inputting "DEATH" into SCP-294 no longer crashes the game
  • DeathTimer and BlurTimer are included in save files, fixes incorrect interaction between 294 liquids and reloading
  • Locked the one unlocked door in the intro scene (the door that leads from the the concrete tunnel to the large hall)
  • Added a vsync option to the options ini file
  • Elevator to SCP-939 no longer crashes when bump mapping is enabled
  • Guards and MTFs no longer disappear when not in the player's direct line of sight
  • Custom maps should now work again without crashing during the intro sequence
  • Checkpoint rooms should no longer be spawned in incorrect location


  • Gamma slider in the options (unfortunately only works in fullscreen mode)
  • The props in the rooms (lamps, chairs, etc) aren't included in the actual room model anymore, but instead share the same model. This reduces memory consumption and the file size of the room models. The changes aren't implemented in all of the rooms yet, so the effect isn't very significant yet
  • Improved versions of the old door sounds
  • The correct sounds are now played when opening/closing the large containment doors
  • Random sound clips (distant gunfire, screams etc) are played for a short period of time after the intro
  • A small new room in the pocket dimension
  • A little new 106-related event and some improvements to the event where 106 catches the janitor in the endroom.
  • The game card system is much more balanced now.
  • The player walks slightly slower during the intro to match the speed of the guards


  • Added SCP-178, SCP-1074, SCP-1123
  • New rooms
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • Clipboard for storing documents
  • Achievement menu
  • New difficulty system:
    • Safe: basically the same as the old Euclid-mode
    • Euclid: you can only save at computer and security monitors
    • Keter: permadeath and more aggressive SCPs, higher spawnrates and some of them chase the player more actively instead of wandering around randomly
    • Custom: self explanatory
  • A new room in the pocket dimension (replaces the room with the floating clouds of smoke)
  • Some changes to the maintenance tunnels
  • The SCPs that can "teleport" from waypoint to another (such as 173) can no longer teleport to waypoints next to the player, so 173 shouldn't pop up from nowhere anymore
  • Stairs are easier to climb up now
  • Some optimization to the way NPCs are animated; FPS doesn't drop as drastically when the MTF spawn anymore although it still does drop quite a bit due to their jumbled AI
  • Minor bugfixes in the MTF AI
  • Room-specific ambient sounds are re-enabled
  • More optimization to the room models:
    • the "shared prop model" system added in 1.0.6 is now implemented in all rooms
    • now only room models that are used in the generated map are loaded
  • Fixed a bug in SCP-970 which made it possible to duplicate items
  • Removed the "drawportal" from the door leading to SCP-860 to get rid of the crashes caused by it on some computers
  • SCP-939's attack animation doesn't "glitch" anymore when running away from it
  • Gamma slider works the way it should now (not just increasing brightness)


  • Fixed a bug in security cameras which caused a ton of MAVs
  • Failing to load a sound now only displays an error message in the console instead of crashing the game
  • The guard at the balcony in the intro now shoots you if you don't go into the containment chamber
  • Removed a wall blocking the way to SCP-035's containment chamber and fixed some bugs in 035's animation
  • Fixed a bug that caused the longer view distance to stay after dropping the night vision goggles or equipping a gas mask or SCP-178 while wearing the NVG
  • Fixed a bug in the SCP-1074 room that prevented the event from ending properly
  • Fixed some texture bugs in SCP-106's containment chamber and room2sroom


  • Removed a wall blocking the way to SCP-035's chamber
  • Fixed some bugs in 035's animation
  • Fixed a bug that caused doorways leading into nothing to be generated in the Entrance zone
  • The longer view distance when wearing night vision goggles no longer stays after dropping the goggles or equipping SCP-178 or a gas mask while wearing the NVG
  • Fixed a bug in 1074's room that prevented the event from ending properly
  • Failing to load a sound effect adds an error message in the debug console instead of crashing the game immediately


  • Vision doesn't turn black when equipping 178 or a gas mask


  • Player doesn't get stuck in the hole in the new pocket dimension room
  • Old death messages don't appear in the menu anymore
  • SCP-178's effect doesn't remain after death
  • Exiting the forest now works properly, you won't end up at the same side of the door that you entered the forest from


  • Fixed SCP-860-1 and maintenance tunnels not saving
  • Changed elevator messages so players will know they don't have to spam the button
  • Sprinting exhaustion noises don't play if the sprint key is not pressed
  • Fixed 106 killing you instantly in the pocket dimension
  • SCP-106's room won't disappear while you're in it anymore
  • Fixed a bug with GetMeshExtents (comparison between X and Y instead of Y and Y)
  • 173 can't fly anymore
  • Room collisions are double-sided now, so NPCs can't go through the invisible sides of walls
  • Fixed 1074's texture not changing when you wear 714
  • Fixed the player being permanently stuck after the 1074 event
  • Fixed room2nuke elevator teleporting you to the void
  • Fixed scientist using the classd texture after the intro sequence
  • Made Izumi Junko's notes smaller
  • Fixed the camera spinning out of control when you unpause the game
  • Fixed the camera spinning when looking at a monitor
  • INI files are loaded only once and kept in memory
  • 079 sounds no longer play during the intro sequence
  • The game can load up to ten tempsounds instead of just one
  • Fixed crashes related to security cameras


  • SCP-205, SCP-966, SCP-1048-A
  • Replaced SCP-096 in the maintenance tunnel with something else
  • New SCP-1048 events
  • Couple of new rooms
  • Some new MTF sounds
  • MTF AI bugfixes
  • GetMeshExtents bugfix
  • Fixed a bug that prevented SCP-513 from being picked up


  • Fixed a misplaced door in 1123's chamber
  • Fixed 205's room, precedently configured as a two-way room instead of a one-way room


  • Removed the wall blocking the way to room1archive
  • Fixed a texture error in room2_3
  • Fixed 205's room, containing an error in the code in addition to the

config file


  • improved MTF AI by juanjpro
  • fixed a game-crashing bug when entering 079's or 895's chamber
  • 895's camera feed isn't shown in the SCP-205 "shadow scene"


  • fixed guard getting stuck in the doorway in the intro


This update was mostly created by Third Subdivision Team

  • some additions from the Nine Tailed Fox mod (
    • SCP-1162, SCP-1499
    • new rooms
    • more graphics options
    • borderless windowed mode
    • nicer looking lights
    • new key card textures by Anon4743
  • expanded SCP-[REDACTED] area
  • some new sounds
  • some clues about D-9341s past
  • Map Creator improvements
  • options can be accessed from the pause menu
  • optimization to sound loading by juanjpro
  • getting Key Card Omni is slightly harder now (depending on the difficulty)
  • more SCP-096 spawns
  • 096 model with lower polycount
  • MTF improvements
    • AI bugfixes and optimization
    • more reactions to SCPs
    • cameras are now a threat if the MTF Units have spawned
  • removed SCP-1074
  • more SCP-049 spawns
  • improved SCP-049 AI
  • door buttons can't be accidentally clicked by closing the pause menu anymore
  • fixed Class D step sounds
  • fixed random Class Ds and scientists occasionally appearing in places they shouldn't
  • fixed checkpoints occasionally leading into "nothingness"
  • fixed saves not being deleted even if permadeath is on
  • fixed a bug with SCP-372 chamber collision
  • fixed UI messages overlapping with documents that are being read
  • fixed "buttghost" event sound
  • the radio transceivers can be used for playing your own sound clips
  • more characters in the intro
  • SCP-1123 can't be grabbed through the glass
  • fixed a bug with duplicate "Incident Report SCP-1048-A" in clipboard
  • bugfixes to MTFs at Gate A and Gate B
  • the second sound clip in the "suicide guard" event is now played correctly
  • "SCP-106's escape sound" is no longer played at Gate A if SCP-106 has been contained
  • fixed a bug that caused SCP-860-2 not to spawn
  • SCP-106 will no longer spawn in the forest
  • miscellaneous minor fixes


  • Juanjpro saves the day again:
    • removed FastExtension and FastText libraries - this should improve stability (at the cost of removing bump mapping)
    • ditching the libraries allowed switching to a newer version of Blitz3D, which has some bugfixes for newer versions of windows
    • brightness can be changed in fake fullscreen mode and windowed mode
    • NPC ID assignment bugfix
  • hopefully fixed room2sl's event (with saving)
  • new textures and icons for documents and notes
  • fixed checkpoint monitors
  • fixed collision bugs in room2sl and room3offices
  • SCP-1499-1 AI improvements
  • SCP-106 and SCP-372 will no longer spawn in the SCP-1499 dimension
  • changes to the way SCP-049 spawns in room049
  • Emily Ross' badge and some items from SCP-1162 can now be put in the clipboard
  • more things are now affected by the Other Difficulty Factors setting (including the speeds of some additional NPCs)
  • fixed MAVs in the 1048a event
  • sound volume setting is saved
  • loading/freeing documents is now handled better
  • other minor fixes and improvements


  • Compiled the game using Juanjpro's "MavLess Blitz3D".
    • The game now updates an error log rather than immediately crashing when an error occurs.
  • Redesigned console by Juanjpro.
    • Added color coding.
    • Added the ability to scroll through previously displayed console messages.
    • Pressing up or down now cycles previous commands into the input field, without having to retype the command.
  • Added several new rooms.
  • Added a [REDACTED] event to the Tesla gates.
  • Added a new variant of the night vision goggles.
  • Adjusted the aspect ratio of badge textures (by Cridone).
  • Updated battery model (by Cridone).
  • Improvements to SCP-914's key card refining system.
  • Optimized the rendering of adjacent rooms.
  • Adjusted the spelling and grammar for a majority of in-game text.
  • Extended the parameters of the "help" console command.
  • Updated SCP-173's model so that it no longer uses 2 texture layers. In layman's terms, its texture is no longer applied twice and therefore it no longer appears "darker".
    • Credits to Juanjpro for the updated model.
  • Added unique locked door and DNA scanner sound effects.
  • Damage indicator messages now only display once at least two seconds have passed since the previous one displayed. This prevents the messages from constantly updating when being shot at.
    • Same thing for 939's alert sound effects, only with a delay of three seconds.
  • The hazmat suit now automatically equips when the player picks it up.
  • Renamed fake fullscreen to borderless windowed mode.
  • The blink meter's timer is now randomized, making blinking appear more realistic.
  • Updated HUD elements (by Brokami).
  • The endroom event no longer occurs if SCP-106 is already contained.
  • SCP-079 no longer opens the door to Dr. L.’s office if the remote door control system is turned off.
  • Adjusted particle emitters so that they now update even when the player is not in the same room. This fixes some visual bugs such as the gas on catwalks only activating once the player steps inside the room.
  • Disabled camera fog at Gate A and B.
  • Re-positioned the Gate B guard so it will now properly shoot the player when they are within range.
  • Added an option to disable console functionality while in-game.
  • The player can now save at the entrance to Gate A.
  • The keys for quick saving and toggling the console can now be rebound in the controls menu.
  • Added the ability to quick load from the pause menu.
  • Renamed some buttons on the quit menu to better explain their functions.
  • Refactored the SFX folder whilst removing duplicate/unused sounds.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash involving the disabling of anti-aliased text while in-game.
  • Fixed a runtime error caused by saving and reloading inside SCP-205's chamber.
  • Added extra hitboxes to room049, room3storage and room3z2, preventing the player from falling through the floor in certain spots of these rooms.
  • Adjusted SCP-096's collision detection.
  • SCP-096 will no longer become triggered when looking at its face while the player's eyes are closed.
  • Fixed the severed hand in room3storage falling through the map.
  • Fixed SCP-106 being invisible during the room2pipes event.
  • Fixed SCP-106 instantly respawning after going through a Tesla gate.
  • Fixed the 939 instances not being able to kill the player.
  • Fixed the "halloween" console command.
  • Fixed Security Chief Franklin using the default scientist texture during the office event if the intro sequence was enabled.
  • Fixed a bug that caused SCP-096 to spawn too frequently.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the guard's model to tilt incorrectly when aiming at the player.
  • Fixed an arbitraty runtime error that occurred when dropping an item.
  • Adjusted the item overlapping detection code, which caused some items to be pushed into walls and fall through the map.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Tesla gate’s event to constantly loop if the player exits the area fast enough.
  • Adjusted the maintenance tunnel code so that its ambient light no longer leaks into other rooms.
  • Fixed lag spikes involving monitors and a bug that caused the HUD to draw over screens.
  • Fixed 079's broadcasts playing during Gate A, Gate B and when the game is paused.
  • Fixed some issues relating to Windows 10. This includes a fatal bug that caused no items to spawn in the map.
  • Fixed the achievement descriptions leaking outside of their tooltips.
  • Fixed a framerate dip when viewing the coin from SCP-1162.
  • Fixed several issues with both Gate A endings.


  • Moved audio settings to their own location in options.ini.
  • Two new rooms.
  • Little something for Halloween.
  • Autoupdater
  • Added the ability for the night vision goggles to somewhat supress 895's effects.
  • The propaganda leaflet now disappears from the player's inventory when the SCP-1123 event finishes.
  • The player now dies when using SCP-1123 outside of its chamber (via SCP-714).
  • Added tooltips to the options menu.
  • Added resolution quality and particle amount settings.
  • Updated item grab icon. (by Irontaco)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the Tesla gate activating when the player is above the room.
  • Fixed a bug that caused AAText to not render properly at small resolutions.
  • Finally fixed 860-1's ambience not playing inside the forest.
  • Fixed a bug that caused secondary lighting to affect Gate A and B.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented swapping between night vision goggle variants.
  • Fixed the night vision goggles not working when secondary lighting is off.
  • Fixed the "reset096" console command so it will work for not just lockroom096.
  • Fixed SCP-079's broadcasts triggering during SCP-1123's event.
  • Fixed SCP-682's roar playing in 1499, 860-1, and 1123's events.
  • Fixed SCP-106's spawn in 895's chamber
  • Fixed bugs relating to the "Ulgrin shooting the player" event in the post-breach intro.
  • Fixed SCP-895's monitor freezing when the coffin camera was disabled.
  • Fixed SCP-294's injuries, bloodloss, explosion, and blink/stamina effect parameters.
  • Fixed SCP-294's dispensing sounds.
  • Fixed an oversight that allowed the player to leave 1123's chamber before the event completed.
  • Fixed SCP-1123's pickup sound (when SCP-714 is equipped).
  • Fixed the very fine night vision goggles staying equipped when they are dropped.


  • Added an OpenAL wrapper created by Mirage Labs.
  • Added bump mapping and texture LOD selection.
  • Added syringes.
  • Added new SCP-294 drinks.
  • Added a vomit parameter to SCP-294.
  • New battery textures.
  • Leaving the name field blank when creating a new game now sets the game name to "untitled".
  • Any changes to the player's options from the pause menu are now saved when the "esc" key is pressed to unpause the game.
  • Class-D/Scientist textures are now pre-loaded into memory as a slight optimization.
  • Changed the theme that plays inside SCP-1499's dimension.
  • Added a theme to SCP-914's containment chamber.
  • Added "Devil Particle System" by bytecode77 for improved particle effects.
  • Added lines for the MTF Units when they encounter SCP-049.
  • Added new signs to the intro sequence.
  • Added room2C (a corner variant of the room3 room in LCZ).

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed collision issues with the structures in SCP-1499's dimension.
  • Fixed some errors with the chunk mechanics within SCP-1499's dimension (chunks can now be spawned to infinity).
  • Tweaked SCP-860-2's spawning logic and fixed a bug that made it unable to attack the player while they are moving.
  • Fixed visual bugs relating to the disabling of secondary lights.
  • Fixed a bug that caused SCP-1048 drawings acquired via SCP-1162 to not work.
  • Fixed the framelimit value resetting itself to large values after quitting the game.
  • Fixed the eyedrops texture using the strange bottle texture.
  • Fixed the gas mask in room2closets having a reduced size.
  • Fixed the maintenance tunnels not generating based on the selected seed.
  • Repositioned a button in room2shaft that was being placed inside a wall.
  • Fixed the floating buttons in room2closets.
  • Fixed bugs relating to the "spawn" and "tele" console commands.
  • Fixed a clipping bug with the floor in SCP-1123's room.


  • Saves from version 1.3.4 are compatible with this version.
  • Tweaked the SCP-914 refinery system for keycards.
  • Updated the auto-updater overlay.
  • Replaced the OpenAL wrapper with FMOD library streaming.
  • Increased SCP-173's default speed slightly.
  • Added CPU details to the debug HUD.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed lighting bugs with the props in the medibay and the syringe model.
  • Fixed an animation bug with the clerk NPC in room2tesla.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the event of SCP-008's chamber to break if SCP-173 is contained.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple SCP-513-1 instances could be spawned.
  • Fixed the sound playing of SCP-513 and the nostalgia items.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the secondary lighting to be turned off after exiting SCP-860-1.
  • Fixed some collision detection issues in SCP-1499's dimension.


  • Saves from version 1.3.4 and 1.3.5 are compatible with this version.
  • Removed CPU statistics from the debug HUD (should fix "user lib not found" errors).
  • Attempt to fix room3storage "Object does not exist" errors.
  • Some room texture and lightmap optimization.
  • SCP-500 and SCP-1499 documents.


  • New animations for the SCP-008-1 infected human.
  • Changed the room where the player appears when leaving the pocket dimension.
  • Revamped SCP-066's texture.
  • Added [REDACTED] event to SCP-860-1.
  • Restricted the ability to use ":", "/", "\" and "." characters in a save file name to prevent file system issues.
  • Added an Undertow Games startup video.
  • Changed the range of the framelimiter to 20-120 FPS.
  • Revamped the SCP-914 key card refinery system.
  • SCP-079's speech and the sounds for SCP-096 now get streamed using the FMOD library.
  • Decreased Fog value from 8 to 6.
  • Increased SCP-106's speed from 1.0 to 1.2.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the camera fog value to remain increased after reloading a save file with the night vision goggles equipped.
  • Fixed transparency effect of the brushes on SCP-939's model.
  • Fixed SCP-714 not halting the effects of SCP-895 and SCP-1025.
  • Fixed SCP-1025 achievement's not being able to be unlocked.
  • Adjusted SCP-895's hidden "sanity meter" so that it will now deplete when not looking at the monitor feed.
  • Attempted to fix a bug that caused SCP-106 to teleport at the same location as the player at Gate A.
  • Fixed the explosion effect for SCP-294 drinks.
  • Fixed items falling through the floor in SCP-1499's dimension after exiting and re-entering the area.
  • Fixed SCP-939 instances getting frozen after leaving SCP-1499's dimension.
  • Fixed SCP-173 appearing on the walkway in the starting room after reloading a save.
  • Fixed the guard and scientist in starting room to appear once you save and load during the breach event.
  • Fixed the blur effect when exiting the pocket dimension.
  • Fixed NPCs and items not getting teleported when travelling with the elevator.
  • Fixed the glass in room2testroom2 not appearing after the game was reloaded to a point before it was broken.
  • Fixed SCP-035 disappearing from the face of the possessed scientist after reloading a save.
  • Fixed SCP-205's event breaking after reloading a save.
  • Fixed SCP-895's event throwing errors after the player dies to it.
  • Fixed issues relating to teleporting entities and items inside elevators (including the player).
  • Removed "bb_fmod.dll" which caused "user lib not found" runtime errors.
  • Fixed SCP-860-1's alert theme not triggering when the player is not looking in the direction of the forest monster.
  • Fixed game sounds still playing after quitting an in-game session.
  • Optimized surveillance room monitors.
  • Fixed the MenuBreath sound not playing when returning the menu after the ending screen.
  • Fixed a hitbox error in the Gate A area.
  • Fixed the head rotation of the MTF units when looking away from SCP-096.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to travel to the SCP-1499 dimension while under the effect of SCP-008.
  • The SCP-008 cutscene won't be played if the player is in the SCP-1499 dimension.
  • Fixed the non-canon number of SCP-966 instances.


  • The barrel in SCP-008's containment chamber now displays an arrow to indicate that the canister needs to be pulled down.
  • The player now gets infected by SCP-008 if they get close to SCP-008's canister while bleeding and not wearing the hazmat suit.
  • Swapped the SCP-914 outcomes for the Night Vision Goggles on "Fine" and "Very Fine".
  • MTF Units now kill the SCP-008 zombie if they encounter it.
  • Revamped the guard animations (by Apocryphos).
  • Added custom resolution selection for the map creator.
  • You can't use some items anymore when you wear certain items (for example, you can't drink anything if you wear a gas mask).
  • The startup video will now be played using a library called BlitzMovie rather than DirectMovie.
  • You can now save at the Gate-B entrance.
  • Removed unused animation from SCP-966's model.
  • Optimized SCP-966's animation key frames.
  • Tweaked SCP-914 key card refinery system again.
    • Upgrading a level 1 card in SCP-914 has a 100/80/75% chance of giving a level 2 card (instead of 100/66.7/33.3%);
    • Upgrading a level 2 card in SCP-914 has a 100/75/66.7% chance of giving a level 3 card (instead of 83.3/33.3/20%);
    • Upgrading a level 3 card in SCP-914 has a 10/6.7/5% chance of giving a level 4 card (instead of 5/2.5/1.7%);
    • Upgrading a level 4 card in SCP-914 has a 100/75/66.7% chance of giving a level 5 card (instead of 66.7/33.3/25%);
    • Upgrading a level 5 card in SCP-914 to an Omni key card depends on the amount of achievements the player has.
  • Added a Third Subvision Studio startup video.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a crash that occured while quick-loading a save file.
  • The SCP-008 cutscene no longer triggers if the player turns into a SCP-049-2 instance.
  • The SCP-008 infected cutscene no longer triggers if the player is in SCP-860-1 or the pocket dimension.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the player from picking up more items after the inventory had previously been full.
  • Fixed a bug that caused SCP-173 to break the glass in SCP-008's chamber when it is not inside the room.
  • Fixed the severed hand remaining selected after using it on a DNA scanner.
  • Fixed the CCTV monitor in SCP-106's containment chamber not rendering at all.
  • Fixed a bug that caused multiple decals to spawn during the suicide guard event in the restrooms.
  • Fixed the slider for the map creator, so that all rooms will be displayed.
  • The player can't save when dead.
  • Closing the loading screen by left clicking doesn't open/close nearby doors anymore.
  • SCP-173's collision radius has been decreased.
  • Fixed a crash that occured when opening the inventory.
  • The fog doesn't turn white anymore if the player enters the pocket dimension by leaving SCP-1499.
  • Fixed items, npcs and the player falling through the floor if the room is not rendered.
  • Fixed item dropspeed increasing each time an item has been picked up.
  • Another attempt to fix room overlapping issues.
  • Fixed Ulgrin's path during the breach event.
  • Fixed the levers in the electrical center: Now they can't be flipped into the control panel anymore.


  • New Map Creator.
  • Added a credits screen after the ending screen.
  • Added new step sounds for SCP-939 and SCP-966.
  • The scientist possessed by SCP-035 can now be encountered after he's released from the containment chamber.
  • MTF Units now inform the control if they want to scan the cameras.
  • New radio voice lines for the MTF-units.
  • The player can now run slightly longer than before (10 %).
  • The stamina will increase faster if the player is not walking and slower if the player walks.
  • Made SCP-106 slightly harder to shake off when it's chasing the player.
  • Moved the buttons for the entrance doors in SCP-012's chamber and in the server room in the entrance zone.
  • Revamped dead Class D texture.
  • Some objects in certain areas will not render anymore if the player is outside of their specific rooms.
  • Removed the ability to use "<" and ">" characters in the save name as this caused a crash when trying to save the game.
  • Minor improvements in the Server Room (room2servers) event.
  • Improvements in SCP-1123 event:
    • Optimized Nazi officer model.
    • The officer now has a reload animation.
  • Optimized SCP-513-1's and SCP-096's models.

Bug fixes:

  • The SCP-106 victim doesn't float on top of the ceiling anymore.
  • Fixed the broken gravity system for SCP-860-1.
  • The texture of the S-Nav navigator's model isn't flipped anymore.
  • Fixed the refuse event of SCP-079 not playing.
  • Reduced the loading times of the SCP-1025 pages.
  • Fixed certain disconnected waypoints in SCP-106's containment chamber.
  • Fixed a bug that caused SCP-096's speed to depend on the framerate.
  • Fixed the gravity system for all NPCs.
  • Fixed MTF unit's shooting timer being too high, causing the MTF units not to shoot at the player for a long period of time.
  • Fixed a lighting glitch that occured after the maintenance tunnels have been generated.
  • SCP-049 will not reset after loading a save file and re-entering the surveillance room.
  • The fog should now properly reset to it's normal value after equipping the night vision goggles and loading a save file.
  • Fixed SCP-970 item duplication glitch.
  • Fixed player's path when he is affected by SCP-012.
  • Fixed SCP-294 crashing the game if uses a single whitespace as the input.
  • Fixed SCP-294's drinks not being transparent if their alpha value is set to 0.
  • Fixed the doors in SCP-1123's event not being rotated correctly after reloading the save file.
  • Fixed guard's position in room2restroom.
  • Fixed a map generation bug that occasionally caused rooms to be rotated to an invalid angle.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the RNG to break when using specific map seeds.
  • Fixed SCP-096's scream still playing when the player teleports to the SCP-1499 dimension.

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